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What effects can a Windows 10 Creators Update, versions 1709, 1803, 1809 or Enterprise 2019 LTSC have on Setups?

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Installation of the Windows 10 Creator update might impair the function of software installed afterwards.

In the following we described how to prevent this and how to clear any errors that might occur.

Fall: Prevention of possible errors
When meeting the following criteria your Setup to be installed in the future might result in an error, because the necessary settings in the Windows firewall cannot be made.

  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Windows 10 Creators Update: Version 1709, Version 1803, Version 1809 or Version Enterprise 2019 LTSC
  • Change in the Windows firewall through an arbitrary Setup

However, apart from the settings in the Windows firewall, the installation proceeds correctly.
The incident is not only limited to Setups of the SIMATIC software.


  • In this case you install the SeCon Patch, which in most cases will prevent the occurrence of such errors in the future. Here you follow the instructions menu as usual.

Download SeCon Patch V2.5
 Registration required  Siemens_SeconFix_V2.5.exe.zip (6.9 MB) 

SHA-256 checksum: F3294C76CF602E20669284FD8B7DDBCABB360907C1376BCF7ADF7070B0D4D02D
Information about the SHA-256 checksum is available in Entry ID 109483101


  • A Silent Installation of the SeCon Patch is possible with the parameter "-silent". "Siemens_SeconFix_V2.5.exe –silent".
    Different from the integrated default path: "C:\Users\<nn>\AppData\Local\Temp\SeconFix_02.05.00.00_01.06.00.01", the SeCon Patch can also be installed in any directory: "Siemens_SeconFix_V2.5.exe –silent –Extractpath=<Verzeichnis>". 

  • The SeCon Patch is also located in this directory: C:\Program Files\Siemens\Automation"

  • After new Setups you should restart the Security Controller application and repeat the settings in the Windows firewall.

  • Basic information about the compatibility of software products is available in Entry ID 64847781

  • If in the SETUP "Siemens SeconFix V2.5" you select the option "Extract the SETUP files without being installed", and the installation is started manually via the file "Setup.exe", then installation is aborted prematurely with the following error message.

    Fig. 1 

Case: Clearing of a an error that has occurred in conjunction with Windows 10 Version 1709, Version 1803, Version 1809 or Version Enterprise 2019 LTSC
If the installation of your Setup has ended with an error, then the installation has nevertheless run correctly except for the settings of the Windows firewall.


  1. Install the SeCon Patch again.

  2. Run the Security Controller.

  3. Make the corresponding settings again in the Windows firewall.

Please note that settings made manually in the Window firewall might possibly be overwritten.


  • It is recommended always to install the latest cumulative update for Windows 10 Version 1709, Version 1803, Version 1809 or Version Enterprise 2019 LTSC if available.

  • Information about existing incompatibilities between Windows 10 Update and WinCC is available at the following link: 109749283 

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