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Siemens OPC UA Modeling Editor (SiOME) for implementing OPC UA companion specifications

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The platform-independent OPC UA protocol with the companion specifications extension greatly facilitates standardized cross-manufacturer communication and reduces implementation effort.

The OPC UA communication protocol enables companies and organizations to create their own standards for an OPC UA information model. You can generate a standardized server interface with these functions. For communication to your system or system parts, the OPC UA clients only have to know the defined standard without taking into account detailed information on the system and its devices.

Many organizations and associations already have standardized OPC UA information models for your industry-specific systems and solutions. These include the following organizations, for example:

  • Euromap

  • AIM

  • VDMA

  • PLCopen

  • OMAC

With the free “Siemens OPC UA Modeling Editor” (SiOME) tool, we have created an editor for defining your own OPC UA information models or mapping existing companion specifications on your SIMATIC PLC. Using this tool, you can import and edit information models as XML files or generate and export individualized models.

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