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Transformation of MV440 Camera coordinates into Roboter coordinates

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You can transfer the position of workpieces determined by a SIMATIC MV440 camera system directly to an industrial robot. A special transformation block for the SIMATIC S7-CPU helps you with the coordinate transformation.

The position of the workpiece is detected by the MV440 based on unique characteristics (e.g. a defined outline) and transferred to the S7-CPU as X and Y pixel coordinates (camera coordinates).
To integrate the MV440 into a SIMATIC control system, a large number of options exist via interface/communication modules and corresponding function blocks in the SIMATIC S7 controller.
With the aid of the MV400, the coordinates of objects are recorded, adapted in the PLC to the coordinate system of the robot and provided at a defined interface for the robot.

Fig. 1

This application example shows you the option of determining the position of workpieces (objects) with a SIMATIC MV440 camera system (referred to below as MV440) and transferring them to an industrial robot (referred to below as a robot) via a coordinate transformation in a SIMATIC S7 CPU.

Key points of this example are:

  • The configuring of the MV440
  • The transfer of the MV440 pixel coordinates to the S7-CPU
  • The transformation of the pixel coordinates into the coordinate system of a robot.

The application example contains function blocks with which these camera coordinates are then transferred to a mm world coordinate system and made available to a robot application for further use.

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