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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109755174, Entry date: 01/18/2018

Product Discontinuation: 3VL IEC Molded Case Circuit Breaker with old LCD ETU

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The 3VL IEC MCCBs with the old LCD ETUs are no longer available.
The reason is that the remainders of the electronic components for these old LCD ETUs were sold and are no longer available. The old LCD ETUs were replaced by the new LCD ETUs in 2011. The old LCD ETU without communication functionality can be replaced one by one with the new LCD ETU. To replace the old LCD ETU with communication functionality, you have to use the new LCD ETU and additionally use the new COM module COM20/21 instead of the COM10/11 module. Please see the attached cross reference list in the annex.

Target market:
IEC market