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SIS compact Unit Template – Gas Fired Steam Boiler

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The unit template "Gas Fired Steam Boiler" contains a template for a steam boiler, including all the typical components, their control, regulation and safety technology, including visualization.

The steam boiler shows the use of a model-based predictive multi-variable controller (Model Predictive Control, MPC) as well as various safety functions of a boiler and burner control system similar to those found in industrial plants.

Range of functions

  • Boiler protection

  • Burner protection

  • Supervisory MPC control

  • Boiler control

  • Burner control

The following figure shows the structure of the steam boiler:

How to get the Unit Template
  Short description of the Unit Template – Gas Fired Steam Boiler (1,2 MB)

Please contact your regional SIEMENS sales partnerfor the complete documentation and the sample project for SIS compact V9.0 SP1 free of charge.

Additional version
The unit template “Gas Fired Steam Boiler” is likewise available for PCS 7. You can find it in the following entry: 109755201

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