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SIMOGEAR, 2KJ1/2KJ3: Storage up to 36 months with long-term preservation

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What does storage for up to 36 months mean for the geared motors?
Storage up to 36 months

Store the gearbox or geared motor in dry, dust-free rooms that are maintained at a constant temperature. Special packing is then not necessary.

Otherwise, the gearbox or geared motor must be packed in plastic film or packed in airtight sealed film and water absorbing agents. Cover them to provide protection against heat, direct sunlight and rain.

The permissible ambient temperature range is  -25 °C to +50 °C.

The life of the corrosion protection is 36 months from delivery.


Gearbox filled with operating oil and anti-corrosive agent.

The gearbox is filled with oil corresponding to the mounting position so that it is ready for operation, and is sealed airtight using a screw plug or with a pressure breather valve with transport fixture.

For storage up to 36 months, a VCI anti-corrosion agent (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) is added.


Gearbox completely filled with oil

When using biologically degradable oils or oils for the foodstuff area, the gearboxes are completely filled with operating oil and sealed airtight using a screw plug or with a pressure breather valve with transport fixture.

Do not lower the oil level during short-time commissioning for 10 minutes in no-load operation.



Check the oil level before commissioning.


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