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MindConnect Library 3.1 for MindSphere 3.0

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Download MindConnect Library 3.1 and Migration Guide: Moving from MindConnect Library 1.0 to 3.1

MindConnect Library 3.1 for MindSphere 3.0

MindConnect LIB creates secure connectivity from an onsite device to MindSphere. Firewall-friendly communication via a MindSphere API and unique onboarding security tokens authenticate MindConnect during onboarding to ensure data is safely transmitted. MindConnect LIB provides an application example that enables programming of customer or use case specific connectivity agents by interacting with MindSphere southbound APIs. These southbound APIs facilitate data transmission from assets to MindSphere, securely and efficiently. By connecting to MindSphere, customers can maximize the value of their machine data through cloud-based applications and services, providing actionable business insights.

By clicking on the download link, you accept the MindSphere Development License Agreement, which you can read by following the link:

Please consider using the latest version of MindConnect Library (v4).  New features will be released for MCL v4 only.
The new version can be found here: 109772086 

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Further information:  Code documentation for MindConnect Library

Migration Guide: Moving from MindConnect Library 1.0 to 3.1

If your custom agent currently uses MindConnect Library 1.0 to work with Mindsphere 2.0, it is important that you migrate to MindConnect Library 3.1 so that your custom agent continues to work with Mindsphere 3.0.

  Moving_from_MindConnect_Library_1.0_to_3.1.pdf (11,2 KB)

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