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Managed System Services Extranet topic page - Your access to exclusive content for process automation

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The Extranet provides you with access to further exclusive content in the Industry Online Support. You can thus benefit in various project stages from additional service tools, technical descriptions, sample projects and much more.

Extranet articles and Extranet article areas are only visible to contract customers.

Example projects

Example projects contains pre-made, standardized and readyinterconnected equipment modules and Control Module Types. Using this sample solution as a basis, numerous instances with different parameter assignments can be generated and widely integrated in adapted form in automation solutions. The PCS 7 project is configured to be hardware-independent and can be flexibly incorporated in existing projects.

Stirred Tank Reactor
The unit template provides a template that comprises all typical components of a stirred tank reactor, their open- and closed-loop control, the necessary logic and interlocking as well as the visualization. It is modularly structured and based on standardized equipment modules.

PCS 7 Unit Template "Stirred Tank Reactor" using the example of the Chemical Industry
This automation solution has been developed for a fermenter in discontinuous operation in the field of white biotechnology. "White biotechnology" is used for industrial manufacturing of products by means of biotechnological processes, using microorganisms or cells which produce the desired product by nature.
PCS 7 Unit Template "Fermenter" using the example of the Chemical Industry
Distillation Column
The quality of material separation is measured by the purity of the separation products, i.e. after concentration by low and high boilers in the head and bottom outlet. The measuring of these concentrations by means of online analyzers is so complex, that it is omitted in most plants.
PCS 7 Unit Template "Distillation Column" using the example of the Chemical Industry
Plymerization Reactor
During the manufacturing process of polymers, the monomer, comonomer, hydrogen reactants as well as the catalyst and cocatalyst, among others, are added and stirred in the reactor. The use of an MPC control (Model Predictive Control), improves the quality of the manufacturing process or the product.
PCS 7 Unit Template "Polymerization Reactor" using the example of the Chemical Industry
This example project presents a fluidized bed dryer, with which the energy consumption can be optimized by using an MPC (Model Predictive Control) controller. Drying operations require a high amount of energy, which is why optimum and economical drying (as dry as necessary) is the objective.

PCS 7 Unit Template "Dryer" using the example of the Chemical Industry


The following exclusive series of videos shows you useful and helpful functions and diversity of engineering possibilities using the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system.

The videos can only be started if you have signed a Managed System Services contract.
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Configuration of hardware and diagnostic options unsing the HW config editor
The video shows how to identify and eliminate faults occurring in the modules on the automation or field level during process operation.

Working with textual interconnections in CFC
This video shows the usage of textual interconnections in the CFC editor of SIMATIC PCS 7.


Easy script creation for C and Visual Basic
This video shows how to create script templates for C and Visual Basic in the Graphic Designer of SIMATIC PCS 7.

Failure analysis with the alarm logging system
The video shows how you can use message lists to analyze malfunctions as efficiently as possible.

Usage of alarm management functions
The video shows available alarm management functions and optimization possibilities in the message system. 

Expanding the process object view to obtain additional information
Using the example of controller parameters, the video shows you how to make changes flexibly in the process object view and back up previous values in a new column. 


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Are you interested in Managed System Services? You can obtain detailed information at: Managed System Services

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