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Delivery release for Drive ES Basic Maintenance V5.6 SP1

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With this information, the Drive ES Drive ES Basic Maintenance product V5.6 SP1 product is released for delivery effective March 1, 2018.

Drive ES Basic Maintenance product V5.6 SP1 is released for delivery with this information.

Ordering information about Drive ES Basic Maintenance V5.6 SP1.

Drive ES Basic Maintenance V5.6 SP1 replaces the previous version V5.6, which means that the Article number remains unchanged.

Article number



Drive ES Basic Maintenance V5.6 SP1 floating license and the type of
use/quantity: User/1

Reasons for revising and ongoing development include the actualization of the integrated project manager and the DriveMonitor commissioning tool to V5.5 SP3 - as well as the update of the supported Microsoft operating systems.

The previous Drive ES Basic Maintenance V5.6 version was innovated to include the following new features (unchanged tool versions are also listed):

  • DriveMonitor Version V5.5 SP2, the tool for MASTERDRIVES and SIMOREG, has been integrated.
    (including DriveMonitor HF V05.05.02.01_00.00.03.00)

  • SimoCom U Version V14.03.01, the tool for SIMODRIVE 611U and POSMO CA/CD/SI, has been integrated.
    (Note: Please uninstall all SimoCom U versions manually before installing Drive ES Basic Maintenance from DVD)
  • SimoCom A Version V 05.05.02, the tool for POSMO A, has been integrated.
    (Note - for the case that an update should be made to this version of SimoCom A: Please uninstall all older SimoCom A versions manually before installing Drive ES Basic Maintenance from DVD)
    Important note according SimoCom A version V 05.05.02:
    Together with Windows 10 please do not use this version of SimoCom A. Please ask your contact partner at SIEMENS in case of questions

Advantages of a Drive ES Basic installation compared to the installation of individual tools

  • Advantages compared to all individual tools (SIMOCOM U/A and DriveMonitor)
    • More convenient integration of the drives in the hardware configuration of SIMATIC S7 using object manager (SlaveOM) - instead of GSD files
    • Communication beyond network boundaries is supported through routing in SIMATIC and SIMOTION stations. Without Drive ES, single tools can only communicate with the drives that are connected to the same subnetwork (PROFIBUS), such as the engineering PC/PG. Please read the routing notes!
    • The tools can be directly called up in a context-sensitive manner from the SIMATIC Manager. All of the necessary network infrastructure information is automatically transferred for routing.
  • Further advantages when compared to DriveMonitor and SIMOCOM U/A
    • Data archiving in the S7 project
  • Additional advantage when compared to DriveMonitor
    • Direct communication via PROFIBUS
      Without Drive ES, DriveMonitor can only communicate with the drives using the USS protocol via a serial interface or via a PROFIBUS-OPC server.
  • Important note for SINAMICS and MICROMASTER 4 drives and STARTER:
    From STARTER V4.3 SP2, the above-stated STEP7 integration features (Drive ES Basic functionality) are provided at no cost. This means that STARTER installs the object managers (SlaveOM and DeviceOM) when a STEP7 full version has been installed. This only applies to the relevant drives that are supported by STARTER! Information about the latest STARTER version is provided in 109753725.

The integrated commissioning tools can also be individually downloaded from the Internet and can thus be used as a free upgrade for an existing Drive ES Basic (Maintenance) installation from V5.4 SPx (V5.6 SP1):

How can I obtain the new Drive ES Basic Maintenance version?

  • This version must be purchased as new order!
    • With this delivery release, V5.6 SP1 will be supplied for all of the orders entered. The price compared to the previous version remains unchanged.
  • For users that have already purchased a Drive ES Basic V5.x version!
    • Drive ES Basic Maintenance is only offered as a full version (license: 1 user) with an MLFB.
      An upgrade version (as known from the existing Drive ES Basic) is not available. It is not possible to download the complete Drive ES Basic Maintenance DVD V5.6 SP1 as a result of the memory space required. not offered
  • No Software Update Service (SUS) will be provided for the Drive ES Basic Maintenance product.

Hint according usage at SIMATIC PCS 7;
SIMATIC PCS 7 CiR capability (configuration in run) for existing projects with Siemens drives at PROFIBUS DP or PROFINET IO

Affected User/Project Scenario

The loss of the CiR capability of SIMATIC PCS 7 can be caused by the following SW update:

- Installation of this new Drive ES Basic Maintenance version

This installation often also update the software components SlaveOM (PROFIBUS DP) and DeviceOM (PROFINET IO). If the existing configuration is translated afterwards, then the internal configuration data are changed due to the version and the generated configuration data will sometimes cause a loss of CiR capability!
Please check that the current configuration can be loaded via "Station > Check CiR Capability" at HW-Config.


Information in detail according the CiR capability you find at the System Manual “PCS 7 Process Control System CPU 410 Process Automation”. 
These "changed" configuration data must be loaded once in the STOP state of the CPU and then CiR Capability for further translations and loading processes is available again. If this procedure is not possible with your system, please contact the Customer Service.

Operating systems and STEP7 compatibility

Drive ES Basic Maintenance can be used with the following Microsoft operating systems:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer V6.0 or higher
    • 64-bit operating systems
      • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional SP1
      • Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate SP1
      • Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 (standard installation)
      • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
      • Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise
      • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
      • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
      • Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Drive ES Basic Maintenance V5.6 SP1 can be used with the following STEP7 versions (minimum precondition):

  • STEP7 V5.5 SP2

Detailed information on the compatibility is provided in 18495518

Supported languages

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish


Drive ES Basic Maintenance can only be installed additionally as a pure option package for the SIMATIC STEP7 full version.

Security information
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