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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 109755864, Entry date: 04/10/2018

LOGO! in Building Technologies - TDE Central control for general consumers

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Realization of a central control for the LOGO! TDE, to switch up to 20 different functionalities in- and outside a building.

The LOGO! TDE is designed to navigate easily through the switchable facilities inside and outside a building. This central control system is intended to enable connection to a network in order to switch functions on and off, e.g. via a smartphone/tablet.

This application example provides two versions of a LOGO! switching program with the same function for the LOGO! Soft Comfort software.

In the basic switching program, only the four LOGO! integrated outputs are used and navigated via the TDE.
This reduced switching program simplifies the understanding of the operating principle.

Up to 20 digital outputs are used in the extended switching program. This corresponds to the maximum configuration of the control system, which allows up to 20 functions to be switched in the building.

The integrated functions of a LOGO! 8 offer many additional possibilities to solve tasks in building management quickly, simply and automatically.
With LOGO!, prefabricated function blocks support project creation, e.g. weekly time switch, pulse generator, astro timer, seasonal time switch, stopwatch and simple logic gates.


  • Extendibility of the software program to include further tasks (room lighting, staircase lighting, safety and monitoring functions, etc.)
  • Straightforward, star-shaped wiring of the components
  • Use of simple switches (circuit breakers) or pushbuttons instead of complex toggle or two-way switches
  • Integration of LOGO! inputs and outputs into a KNX system

Target group
This application example is intended for specialist staff for electronics engineering.

Documentation and example project

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