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SIMATIC S7-1500T Kinematics Control

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The library LKinCtrl provides functionalities for TO Kinematics to easily program and control granular path motions in a command list.

The library Kinematics Control enables the user to control a kinematics to run predefined path motions using the technology object Kinematics.

Instead of executing and handling several single motion commands in a user program only one core function block controls the TO Kinematics. Path information is being provided by a list of commands. Supported motion command types are linear and circular each absolute and relative including path transitions. Furthermore, motion commands for synchronous point-to-point motions as well as conveyor tracking are supported. Path motions can be stopped, interrupted and continued during execution just by inputs. Detailed information on the path execution status as well as error diagnostics information is provided.

Following benefits are provided with this library:

  • Comfortable path definition in a command list
  • Execution of motion commands according to the command list
  • Single step / automatic mode for path execution
  • Diagnostic interface
  • Flags for actuator control depending on path status
    • Boolean and LReal flags
  • Flags for sequence control (wait conditions)
  • Setting of flags without motion command
  • Wait times in command sequence
  • Activation / deactivation of single path commands
  • Compensation of tool and radius length
  • Auxiliary functions to enable / home / reset all axes of the axes group
  • Familiar interface behavior of motion commands
  • Memory and runtime optimized function blocks

HMI Editor
The LKinCtrl faceplate enables the user to edit the command list directly via the HMI without need of the engineering system. In the ready-to-run example project all screens can be used directly. It is applicable on all SIMATIC Comfort Panels and Mobile Panels.

The function block MC_JogFrame provides all the functionality to jog a kinematics in Cartesian directions X, Y, Z including orientation axis continuously, incrementally and to a specified target position.

The function block MC_PathSelect supports the user to easily generate a path definition for given point information in a point table. Following the path can be executed using MC_MovePath.

GCode2MovePath tool
The additional tool GCode2MovePath enables the automatic generation of a command list containing the path specification for a given vector graphics' or CAD file's contour.

The application for V15 can run on all SIMATIC 1500T CPU types with FW 2.5.

The application for V16 can run on all SIMATIC 1500T CPU types with FW 2.8.2.

Downloads - V16
 Documentation V3.0 (englisch) (4,4 MB)

 Registrierung notwendig  Library V3.0.4 for STEP 7  V16 (52,1 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Example Project for STEP 7 V16 (15,3 MB)

Downloads - V15
 Documentation V2.4.2 (3,9 MB)

 Registrierung notwendig  Library V2.4.2 for STEP 7 V15 (25,4 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Example Project for STEP 7 V15 (15,7 MB)

 Registrierung notwendig  GCode2MovePath Tool V 2.0 (0,2 MB)

  Changelog V3.0.4 (455 KB)

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Handling with SIMATIC 109757198 

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motioncontrol_apc_applications, handling, TO_Kinematics, MovePath, G-Code, PathData, faceplate, conveyor tracking, sPTP

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