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SIMATIC S7-1500T Kinematics Manual Control

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The library LKinMCtrl provides manual control functionalities for TO Kinematics with a predefined faceplate for an HMI. This reduces HMI engineering time as all mayor kinematics functions are encapsulated in a single HMI faceplate.

The library LKinMCtrl enabels to perform manual control functionalities and configuration on kinematics technology object via an HMI faceplate without using the engineering system. The faceplate offers a consistent and user-friendly operating concept and can be seamlessly integrated into an existing HMI, as its size is freely adjustable and the general HMI design/style can be applied to the faceplate.

Following benefits are provided with this library:

  • Jog kinematics with different modes
  • Jog / home single axes
  • Clearly displayed error of the kinematics and axes on HMI
  • Monitoring and configuration of zones
  • Configuration of kinematics dynamics and frames
  • Configuration of axis dynamics and position limits
  • Teach kinematics positions in a point table

The faceplate can run on multiple HMIs on the machine as an integrated interlock manages the access to the kinematics. A life-sign is being monitored and deactivates the Manual Control on HMI in case the connection is interrupted. Single functionalities can be activated or deactivated depending on the machine state or the user's authorization level. The faceplate is applicable on all SIMATIC Comfort Panels and Mobile Panels.

Adapt the faceplate to your HMI style

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To use the faceplate the following libraries are required:
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Further Information
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