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Software SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V9.0 + HF1

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The software SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V9.0 + HF1 is now available for download. With this download, an existing installation of SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 V9.0 Library can be updated to V9.0 + HF1.
What is new in V9.0 + HF1?

Bug Fixes:

Error during compile with “generate module driver” when SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V9.0 is used with SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.0 SP1 has been fixed.

Either one or both of the below errors are generated during driver generation

“The driver block for the signal processing block is not available”

“Value ADR_O is not defined  in file 09000000\AL_CHN_APL.xml/FbSwitch”

User needs to update at least CFC update V9.0.1.2 upon which SIMOCODE pro PCS7 Library V9.0 + HF1 will be installed. Once the both installation is done user has to follow the below mandatory steps in the existing projects to generate drivers without the above mentioned errors. The same procedure needs to be followed even when a new project is created in the same environment.

Mandatory steps required for existing/new projects is given in the following link 109756096 

Installation notes:

Please observe the description of new features and alterations, the installation and application notes available in the file MMReadme.zip which can be downloaded here:

 Registrierung notwendig  MMReadme.zip (50,0 KB)

SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V9.0 + HF 1 is offered in the form of the download file “SIMOCODE_pro_PCS7_Library_V9.0_HF1.exe“. Please first download this file and then execute it. Afterwards, the file will be extracted and you can execute the setup. Please exit all STEP 7 applications prior to starting the installation.

Third-party software - Licensing terms and copyright information

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Special information for resellers

The information and the license terms in the readme_OSS.mht file must be passed on to the purchasing party to avoid license infringements by the reseller or purchasing party.

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 Registrierung notwendig  SIMOCODE_pro_PCS7_Library_V9.0_HF1.exe (13,2 MB)

SHA-256 checksum:   Registrierung notwendig  Code_SIMOCODE_pro_PCS7_Library_V9.0_HF1.txt (1 KB)
Information about SHA-256: 109483101

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