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SIMOTION: Serial communication with CM PtP ( Freeport, 3964(R), Modbus RTU or USS )

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With the help of the library "LPtP" you can use the ET200 SP CM PtP or ET200 MP CM PtP with the protocols Freeport/ASCII, 3964, 3964R, Modbus RTU or USS at SIMOTION.

This includes communication modules. An easy way to exchange data is through serial communication over point-to-point connections.

Communication via point-to-point connection with ET 200MP and ET 200SP is exclusively via communication modules (CM) with serial interfaces, which provide the physical interface and basic protocol mechanisms for this purpose.

  • RS232:
    An interface that can coordinate the communication between the partners through additional accompanying signals.

  • RS422/RS485:
    An interface that allows longer lines by using differential voltages as a transmission technology and also allows structures with more than 2 users by means of bus physics (RS485).

In order to transfer data from the CPU to the respective modules, the blocks of the LPtP library, which take over the coordination between the SIMOTION CPU and the CM (Communication Module), are available. These blocks communicate in the user program a successful transmission or the receipt of new data.

The library "LPtP" provides you Funtion blocks for the following protocols:

  • Freeport / ASCII
  • 3964(R)
  • Modbus
  • USS

  Documentation LPtP V1.1 (3,5 MB)
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