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SIMATIC SimaHyd for hydraulic presses and applications

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The application SIMATIC SimaHyd allows to control hydraulic axes with the SIMATIC S7-1500. Through the use of modular function blocks it is possible to realize valve controlled applications as well as those with a variable speed pump.

The realization of hydraulic applications requires a high degree of flexibility on the automation side. Individual control concepts have to be adapted fast and easy to a particular machine.

The toolbox SIMATIC SimaHyd was developed in the TIA portal, focusing on hydraulic presses. The open, modifiable application enables the user to realize individual concepts with modular function blocks and to integrate those easily into existing plc programs. The SIMATIC S7-1500F allows the combination of complex hydraulic applications with the advantage of the integrated safety technology.

Example topology of a hydraulic press with SINAMICS S120 drives and SIMATIC controller

The application example contains the following core functions:

  • Function block “hydraulic axis”

  • Individual interconnection of the set point (e.g. valve via analogue output or servomotor on a servopump)

  • Position control

  • Force control (superimposed pressure limiting or closed loop force control)

  • Direct switching between force and position control inside the function block

  • Program to measure and save valve characteristics (at the HMI)

  • Simple gearing through coupling of the command value for several hydraulic axes

  • PLCOpen-like standard command set for easy realization of program sequences

  • Simulation mode for hydraulic axes

  • Integrated HMI with control panel, for faster commissioning

The application runs on all S7-1500 standard and technology CPU as well as on ET200 SP open controllers.


  Presentation SimaHyd (956,9 KB) 

  Manual SimaHyd (4,8 MB)


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