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Conversion list for phase-out of 3SB3/1/3SF5 to SIRIUS ACT (3SU1)

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This entry contains information on converting 3SB3/1/3SF5 to SIRIUS ACT (3SU1)


How can I convert from 3SB3/1/3SF5 to SIRIUS ACT (3SU1)?




To support you during the phase-out period, we have put together a conversion list for you for converting the
old versions (3SB3/1/3SF5) to the four new successor series of SIRIUS ACT (3SU1).

 Registrierung notwendig  Conversion_3SB_3SU1_01_2019_extern.xlsx (3,8 MB)

You can also carry out conversions using our conversion tool. This not only gives you the option of converting the old product series to the new one,  but also of converting competitor products to

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