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Sales release and delivery release SIMATIC Industrial Thin Client V3 and Industrial Thin Client V3 PRO

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SIMATIC Industrial Thin Clients V3 with innovated hardware and capacitive glass front are available for delivery effective immediately.

The innovated Industrial Thin Clients SIMATIC ITC V3 (PRO) are available in display sizes of 15", 19" and 22". All devices are equipped with high-resolution, capacitive widescreen fronts and, due to the diverse communication protocols and high performance, they can be used both for complex machine-level operator control & monitoring and for the connection to control systems, for example, in the SCADA environment.

SIMATIC ITC in this case is connected via Ethernet to a host (e.g. IPC, Panel PC, panel or server) and supports communication via various protocols of Web browser functionality,  Sm@rtServer, Standard RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) as well as VNC (Virtual Network Computing).

Product overview

The SIMATIC Industrial Thin Clients V3 introduce a new generation of devices for high-performance tasks in the field of "Distributed operator control & monitoring". The SIMATIC Industrial Thin Clients series provides the same functionality throughout with the highest performance. The numerous innovations compared to the previous SIMATIC Thin Clients include:

  • The SIMATIC ITC V3 Industrial Thin Clients are available as built-in devices and PRO versions for direct mounting on support arms and pedestals.
  • They are each available with 15", 19" or 22"  display diagonals.
  • The devices feature a capacitive widescreen glass front.
  • The ITC V3 devices offer four USB 2.0 ports and two Gigabit Ethernet ports (switched).

Similar to the predecessor devices, the SIMATIC ITC V3 Industrial Thin Clients are configured locally or remotely via a browser. SIMATIC ITC itself requires no installation, no licenses and no additional software.

The following protocols are supported at the start of delivery:

  • RDP
  • VNC
  • SmartAccess
  • Citrix
  • A Web browser with HTML5 support is integrated.
  • WinCC OA (compatible as of WinCC OA Server V3.16)

Direct connection of the Thin Clients to PROFINET / Ethernet enables the cost-effective realization of branched topologies covering large areas and connection of multiple operator stations to one server. The multitude of supported protocols enables the SIMATIC ITC to connect to almost every conventional server system.

From the Industrial Thin Client, you can:

  • Display and run Web-based content from a Web server available on the network (e.g. S7 controller,  intranet) via the integrated Web browser
  • Run WinCC projects on other HMI devices or Panel PCs via Sm@rtServer
  • Run applications such as WinCC and Office applications or SAP via RDP directly on the machine
  • Operate a PC remotely with VNC, similar to RDP

 Advantages of SIMATIC Industrial Thin Client:

  • Thin Client functionality at an attractive price-performance ratio
  • High performance
  • Turnkey solution
  • High-resolution, brilliant capacitive widescreen fronts with diagonals of 15", 19" and 22"
  • Four USB ports for connecting external devices, such as a keyboard, mouse or USB flash media
  • High-performance communication and simple wiring via the two Ethernet interfaces

Product features  

  ITC1500 (PRO) ITC1900 (PRO)ITC2200 (PRO) 
Resolution 1366 x 768 1366 x 768 1920 x 1080
Display size 15" 19" 22"
Touch technology Capacitive multitouch (PCAP) 
USB  4 x USB 
 Ethernet  2 x GBit Ethernet (switched)
 Power supply24 V DC 





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