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Firmware update for 3RW52 soft starters

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Firmware updates for all 3RW52 soft starters

This download contains the firmware update for all 3RW52 soft starters.

When firmware is updated, it must always be updated to the latest version available for the relevant article number. The previous versions of the firmware are only intended as a backup to enable you to downgrade to the original version.
The latest version of module firmware in each case is valid for all revision levels of this article number.

Overview of article numbers and current revision levels of the 3RW52 soft starters: 

Article No. Product version 

Firmware version 

Upgrade by means of ... What's new? 
 3RW52* E01V2.0.1 

  Registrierung notwendig  3RW5_2xx-xxCxx_V02.00.01.upd.zip (126.5 KB) 

SHA-256 checksum:  Registrierung notwendig  Code_3RW5_2xx-xxCxx_V02.00.01.txt (1 KB) *

  • Extension of the control option via a digital input when a communication module is inserted
  • Read-out of service data via HMI is possible
  • Display of the position of the rotary coding switch (Ie) on the LEDs during the self-test / user test
  • Error correction when min/max point indicates "Max. switching element temperature"
  • Correction of minor errors
 3RW52* E01 V2.0.0

  Registrierung notwendig  3RW5_2xx-xxCxx_V02.00.00.upd.zip (125.1 KB) 

SHA-256 checksum:  Registrierung notwendig  Code_3RW5_2xx-xxCxx_V02.00.00.txt (1 KB) *

  • Read-out of PROFIenergy measured values
  • Resetting the parameters to their factory settings by means of a pushbutton combination
  • Special bypass modes
  • Test mode with small motor added
  • Firmware update of the HMI via communication module from TIA Portal
  • Correction of minor errors

  Registrierung notwendig  3RW5_2xx-xxCxx_V01.01.01.upd.zip (121.9 KB) 

SHA-256 checksum:  Registrierung notwendig  Code_3RW5_2xx-xxCxx_V01.01.01.txt (1 KB) *

  • Error in displaying the rated operational current on the HMI Standard cleared for 3RW5245, 3RW5246, 3RW5247 and 3RW5248.


 E01 V1.1.0

 Registrierung notwendig  3RW5_2xx-xxCxx_V01.01.00.upd.zip (121.9 KB) 

SHA-256 checksum:  Registrierung notwendig  Code_3RW5_2xx-xxCxx_V01.01.00.txt (1 KB) *

  • Support of the HMI-HF as an accessory (measured value display, setting of parameters, e.g. for analog output) 
3RW52* E01 V1.0.0

 Registrierung notwendig  3RW5_2xx-xxCxx_V01.00.00.upd.zip (118.0 KB)

SHA-256 checksum:  Registrierung notwendig  Code_3RW5_2xx-xxCxx_V01.00.00.txt (1 KB) *

  •   First firmware version - Backup only

* Information on SHA-256: 109483101 

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