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Guide to Standardization

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The standardization guide shows you how you can modularize your machines and systems. It gives you recommendations and hints for structured and standardized programming of your automation solutions.

An essential component in the development and construction of a standard is the interface definition of modules. In order for modules to be used flexibly, the interfaces should be as independent as possible of special customer requirements and the respective module.

Standardization has the following advantages for the end customer.

  • The software becomes more transparent for the user and thus easier to use.
  • Significant reduction of error sources due to using already proven software components.
  • Minimization of the effort for program creation and commissioning with existing standard.
  • Simplified diagnosis and troubleshooting.
  • Clear documentation of modules with defined behavior.
  • Avoidance of "parallel engineering" of the same task.
  • Defined interfaces to other departments.

Standardization has the following advantages for the manufacturer.

  • Requirements of existing customers (e.g. automotive industry) are fulfilled.
  • Maintaining and expanding competitiveness.
  • Increased engineering efficiency.
  • Simplified management of machine variants (flexibility).
  • Division of tasks into work packages.
  • Cost reduction through virtual commissioning / "Digital Twin".

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