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New licensing model based on a dongle for Siemens software products

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The following provides you with detailed information on the background and use of the new licensing model. Which products use the new licensing model, and which product-specific information is to be considered you can find in chapter 4. Supported Products.

1. General information on the new licensing model

The basis of the new licensing model is a USB dongle.

Figure 01 Front, side and backview of the USB dongle
This dongle is part of the licensing process and must always be plugged into the computer. It serves as a secure and central location for all floating licenses and can be addressed from across the sub-network. Licenses cannot be used until they have been transferred to the dongle. If the dongle is not found sub-network-wide, the software is stopped depending on the product or can only be used to a limited extent until the dongle is inserted again.

The licenses are delivered on an USB License Carrier:

Figure 02 USB License Carrier

This USB stick contains all ordered software licenses which are created on the basis of the new license model. The licenses are integrated in a file which has to be transferred to the dongle. Thus it is no longer necessary to transfer each license individually to the computer. This also means that only one package with licenses has to be sent instead of several. As shown in the following picture, the number of products is reduced to a maximum of three.

Figure 03 USB dongle, USB License Carrier and USB software media package

2. Details on USB dongle, USB stick, OSD and licenses

2.1 USB dongle

The USB dongle is labeled with a serial number in the format 3-xxxxxxx. This serial number is unique and is used to create licenses based on this serial number for this dongle.

If you have not yet had a dongle for your project, you will receive the dongle and the USB stick in two seperate packages. If you already have a dongle, only one USB stick with the licenses will be sent to you. For this reason, the serial number of the dongle must always be stated when you place a follow-up order.

The manufacturer of the dongle is the company WIBU-SYSTEMS AG. One of the leading manufacturers for software product protection.
Specifications for the USB dongle can be found in the following PDF file   Specifications of the USB dongle.

The address of WIBU-SYSTEMS AG is as follows:
Rüppurrer Straße 52-54
76137 Karlsruhe, Germany

2.2 USB stick (License Carrier)

The USB stick serves as a physical medium to transfer the license files to the customer. All licenses of an order are transferred to a USB stick. The serial number of the respective dongle is additionally noted on the USB stick housing.

2.3 OSD (Online Software Delivery)

All licensed products can also be ordered as downloads and downloaded via the OSD portal Online Software Delivery 

In this case it is important that all products of an order are ordered either by download or by post. The shopping cart must be "pure".

Notes on the OSD portal
The download licenses are stored as a file in the OSD portal. Each file shows the current status, e.g. whether it has already been downloaded once.
Here, too, all licenses of an order have been combined in one file. The serial number of the dongle for which these licenses were produced is also noted.
In addition, OSD offers further functions, e.g. single or multiple licenses can be transferred to another dongle via OSD.

Further information about OSD can be found in the article Online Software Delivery (OSD).

2.4 Licenses

The licenses are combined in a file according to your order and made available on a USB stick or in a file via the online software download. If the serial numbers of the dongle and the USB stick are identical, the licenses can be transferred to the dongle. Since the licenses are combined in one file, only all licenses can be transferred. The file itself can be used several times, should the file transfer fail. Once transferred to the dongle, the licenses can be used by the software.

3. Ordering software products

All products can be ordered using the familiar Siemens standard ordering systems. Especially for the Industry Mall a configurator was created to simplify the ordering process. It is always necessary to distinguish between a follow-up order and a new order. Because with a follow-up order a dongle ID is already known, which must be indicater, in order to be able to provide the licenses for this dongle.

4. Supported products

The new licensing model is supported by the following products:


Detailed information about SIMATIC PCS neo and the new ordering process, licensing, etc. is summarized in the following entry:
 New Licensing Model for SIMATIC PCS neo

With a free registration on the myneo.siemens.com/en platform, you have access to this entry and other technical information.

The configurator for ordering SIMATIC PCS neo products can be found in the Industry Mall:  www.siemens.com/nlm-configurator 

Further information on SIMATIC PCS neo can be found at:  www.siemens.com/pcs-neo

4.2 SIMIT Simulation Platform

The new license model is supported by SIMIT from V10. Please note the license specifics for SIMIT in the article
New Licensing Model for SIMIT Simulation Platform

The configurator for ordering SIMIT products can be found in the Industry Mall: www.siemens.com/nlm-configurator

Further information about SIMIT can be found at: www.siemens.com/simit

5. No dongle inserted/found

If the software cannot find a dongle and/or a required license, the execution of the program will be restricted.
This is indicated by a visual display on each workstation. In addition, a message is entered cyclically in the message system and a message is displayed which must be confirmed with OK. 
It is pointed out that the right of use for the software is no longer given without a valid license and therefore a new license or dongle must be ordered immediately.

The search for a dongle is done sub-network-wide. Therefore it is sufficient to connect the dongle to a computer in e.g. a secured server room. Since the dongle contains all licenses and is therefore decisive for the licensing of the system, it is recommended to store the dongle in a secure area with limited access and to protect it with appropriate measures.

6. Service and support

The dongle was constructed with the aim of a long service life. Should you still encounter any problems, contact the SIEMENS license hotline immediately, quoting the serial number of the dongle under the following link

If the dongle is defective, you can send it to our address for quality optimization measures via the link above. 

Security information
In order to protect technical infrastructures, systems, machines and networks against cyber threats, it is necessary to implement – and continuously maintain – a holistic, state-of-the-art IT security concept. Siemens’ products and solutions constitute one element of such a concept. For more information about cyber security, please visit