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Firmware update for ET 200eco PN IO-Link master

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Firmware update for ET 200eco PN IO-Link master


When firmware is updated, it must always be updated to the latest version available for the respective article number. The previous versions of the firmware are only intended as a backup to enable you to downgrade to the original version.
The latest version of firmware in each case is valid for all revision levels of this article number.

Online firmware update via STEP 7 SIMATIC Manager:


  • Online firmware updates can be performed in STEP 7 V5.4 + SP5 or higher.
  • The interface module of the station pending a firmware update must be accessible online. The network card used must be set to "TCP/IP (Auto)" in SIMATIC Manager under Options > Set PG/PC Interface.
  • The files containing the current firmware versions must be available in the file system of your programming device or PC. A folder may contain only the files for one firmware version.

Notice: The module must be reset to factory settings before the firmware update if special port parameter assignments have been carried out.

Performing a firmware update

  1. Start STEP 7.
  2. In the SIMATIC Manager, select PLC > Accessible nodes.
  3. Select the ET 200eco PN I/O device.
  4. Select the menu command PLC > Update firmware. Modules without NameOfStation (NoS) are displayed with their MAC address.
    In STEP 7 V5.4 SP5 or higher, Slot 0 must also be specified for the ET 200eco PN I/O device. In previous versions of STEP 7, this setting is specified implicitly.
  5. In the Update Firmware dialog, select the path to the firmware update files (*.UPD) using the "Browse" button.
  6. After you have selected a file, the information in the lower fields of the Update Firmware dialog box shows you the suitable file and firmware version for the corresponding modules.
    If the firmware is to be loaded directly after the installation, select the "Activate firmware after loading" check box here. Otherwise, the firmware becomes active after the next Power Off/On.
  7. Click "Run". The ET 200eco PN I/O device then automatically updates the firmware.

You have updated your ET200eco PN I/O device online to a new firmware version.

You can also update the firmware using HW Config. For additional information, refer to the STEP 7 online help.

Overview of article numbers and current firmware versions of the ET 200eco PN IO-Link master

 Article number


Upgrade by means of...



For upgrading:
For a description, see below Update V1.1.1

For STEP 7 as of version 5.5
 Registrierung notwendig  Classic_6ES7148-6JD00-0AB0_V111.ZIP (232,3 KB)
SHA-256 checksum (Information on SHA-256)
 Registrierung notwendig  Classic_6ES7148-6JD00-0AB0_V111.txt (1 KB) 

For STEP 7 TIA Portal
 Registrierung notwendig  TIA_6ES7148-6JD00-0AB0_V111.ZIP (232,3 KB)
SHA-256 checksum (Information on SHA-256)
 Registrierung notwendig  TIA_6ES7148-6JD00-0AB0_V111.txt (1 KB) 


Backup only:
For a description, see below Update V1.1.0

For STEP 7 as of version 5.5
 Registrierung notwendig  Classic_6ES7148-6JD00-0AB0_V110.ZIP (231.9 KB) 

For STEP 7 TIA Portal
 Registrierung notwendig  TIA_6ES7148-6JD00-0AB0_V110.ZIP (231.9 KB)



Backup only:
For a description, see below Update V1.1.0

For STEP 7 as of version 5.5
 Registrierung notwendig  Classic_6ES7148-6JD00-0AB0_V101.ZIP (230.6 KB)

For STEP 7 TIA Portal
 Registrierung notwendig  TIA_6ES7148-6JD00-0AB0_V101.ZIP (230.6 KB)

 Update V1.1.1

Firmware V1.1.1 contains the following optimizations:

  • Improvement of the IO-Link communication during startup with COM3 devices
  • Improvement of the data backup of IO-Link devices with more than 138 parameters
  • Support for the FW update for IO-Link devices

 Update V1.1.0

Firmware V1.1.0 comprises extensions for the IO-Link configuration without S7-PCT.

 Update V1.0.1

Firmware V1.0.1 contains the following changes:

Optimization of the behavior in combination with S7-PCT

  • when configuring IO-Link devices which are not yet connected to the master
  • when using S7-PCT in combination with the "Autostart" parameter
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