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Why can you not install Target 1500S V2.0 even though you have already installed a compatible version of MATLAB?

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It might happen that MATLAB does not set all the necessary Registry Keys during installation. This causes the subsequent installation of SIMATIC Target 1500S V2.0 to fail.

If, during installation of SIMATIC Target 1500S V2.0 you get the error message "Setup cannot proceed. Install a compatible version of MATLAB before running setup.", even though you have already installed a compatible version of MATLAB, then in MATLAB you execute the function "Target1500S_V2_0_Setup_Fix.m". 
Executing this function adds the missing Registry Keys and you can then install Target 1500S V2.0.


  1. Download the file "Target1550S_V2_0_Setup_Fix.zip" and unpack it in a directory of your choice.
  2. Start as Administrator the MATLAB version with which you want to use Target 1500S V2.0.

    Fig. 1
  3. In MATLAB you navigate to the storage location of the downloaded function "Target1500S_V2_0_Setup_Fix.m".
  4. Drag-and-drop the function into the Command Window to execute it.

    Fig. 2
  5. You receive the message that Registry Keys have been successfully added. Otherwise, follow the error messages displayed.

    Fig. 3
  6. Close MATLAB and repeat the installation of Target 1500S V2.0.

 Registration required  Target1500S_V2_0_Setup_Fix.zip (1 KB) 
SHA256: 7B51225583C5692A1ED3D0B0D7B1706E9A9B1CF3A1FD3434B28DE9566D5EF4AB

Information about SHA-256 is available in the entry entitled
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