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LOGO! Web Based Trainings

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In these free Web Based Training courses (WBTs) you will meet some basics facts of LOGO! and LOGO! Soft Comfort.

LOGO! is the perfect choice for the fast, uncomplicated and space-saving solution of basic control and closed-loop control tasks. The focus here is on simplicity for programmer and operator with constant and consistent further development of functionality.

Get to know the basic principles and benefits of LOGO! with the free WBTs.


Some WBTs require previous knowledge and experience with LOGO! or LOGO! Soft Comfort. Details are provided in the respective WBT courses.

LOGO! Web Based Trainings
The following WBT courses are available for you:

Description and contents of the WBT coursesLink 

LOGO! basic knowledge
This E-learning imparts the basic principles which - independently of the version of LOGO! - always retain their validity.

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Tutorial LOGO! Soft Comfort
Here you can learn all about using "LOGO! Soft Comfort". You work through programming exercises and become acquainted with the work environment.

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LOGO! projects
In this WBT you will work on tasks with levels of difficulty in line with your level of training, on the subject of “LOGO!”.

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First steps with LOGO! 8
In this WBT you will get to know the LOGO! 0BA8 device series in detail. You will also learn about "LOGO! Soft Comfort" software and how to write your first programs in it.

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LOGO! 8 - intelligent controller on the KNX
Here you will learn the basic features of the KNX standard. You will also find out more about KNX communication with LOGO! 8.

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LOGO! 8 - Working with the Access Tool
This WBT familiarizes you with the Access Tool. You will learn about data transfer from LOGO! to Excel through the Access Tool.

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Modbus and time synchronization with LOGO! 8 FS:04 or higher
Here you will learn the features of time synchronization via NTP and the Modbus connection of the LOGO! 8 device series.

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LOGO! - Web Editor
In this WBT you will learn everything about the free software tool LOGO! Web Editor. This tool helps you create user-defined web pages in the editor pane, and visually view the whole project through web server of LOGO! base module.
 LOGO! - Web Editor 


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