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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109757030, Entry date: 04/18/2018

SIMOTICS L-1FN3 - New spare parts kits for terminal box cover with seal

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Due to a design change to the terminal box, SIMOTICS L-1FN3 motors are supplied with an optimized seal between terminal box cover interface and motor housing. This provides additional variants for the spare parts kits, comprising terminal box cover with seal.

The following changes have been made

The terminal box contour geometry (tongue + groove) of SIMOTICS L-1FN3  has been reworked at the end of calendar year 2016.

Within the scope of another optimization measure implemented in November 2017, the existing round cord seal made of silicone foam was replaced by the material NBR Shore A. As a result of this measure, we have not achieved a modification of the technical specification (protection class IP65).

Due to these two modifications , a combination of old terminal box cover and new primary section cannot be used in case of spare parts replacement. We therefore request you to use always the supplied terminal box cover with the appropriate seal.

The following must be observed when servicing

SIMOTICS L-1FN3 primary sections with a date of production starting as from November 2016 cannot be combined with a terminal box cover which has been manufactured during the previous manufacturing periods . In such cases, always use the new terminal box cover supplied.

In case of divergent conditions, you can separately order the necessary terminal box cases with seal. The production period can be identified on the basis of the serial number.

New spare parts kits for motors as from the manufacturing period starting in November 2016

For frame sizes 300 to 900
For motors with serial number as from: YFFNxxx

  • 1FN3003-0PB02-0AA3
    • with threaded hole PG21 
  • 1FN3003-0PB03-0AA3
    • with threaded hole PG29 
  • 1FN3003-0PB04-0BA3
    • with threaded hole M20 +M20 
  • 1FN3003-0PB05-0BA3
    • with threaded hole M32 +M20 

New spare parts kits for motors as from the manufacturing period starting in November 2016

For frame sizes 300 to 900
For motors with serial number: YFF9xxx and YFFOxxx
Please confer with supply plant.

  • 1FN3003-0PB02-0AA0
    • with threaded hole PG21
  • 1FN3003-0PB03-0AA0
    • with threaded hole PG29
  • 1FN3003-0PB04-0BA0
    • with threaded hole M20 +M20 
  • 1FN3003-0PB05-0BA0
    • with threaded hole M32 +M20
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