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Entry type: Product note, Entry ID: 109757111, Entry date: 06/29/2018

SIMOGEAR coupling adapter for servomotors (KS adapter) - Sales release for SIMOTICS S-1FL6 standard servomotors

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By combining the Siemens servomotor portfolio with SIMOGEAR gear boxes, applications with the highest demands on precision, dynamics, compactness and weight can be served. The SIMOGEAR KS adapter is the flexible solution for connecting the various gearbox types with defined Siemens servomotors.

General information

The SIMOGEAR KS adapter only allows the installation of defined Siemens servomotors. In the first step, SIMOTICS S-1FL6 servomotors can be combined with SIMOGEAR gearboxes.

In future, in addition to SIMOTICS S-1FL6 motors, SIMOTICS S-1FK7, SIMOTICS S-1FK2, SIMOTICS S-1FT7 as well as selected SIMOTICS S-1PH8 motors can also be fitted to all gearbox sizes (sizes 19 to 189) and practically all gearbox types (Z/D; K; F; C and B) via defined interfaces.

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The sizes and the SIMOTICS S-1FL6 motors adaptable to them are given in the following table.

Overview - SIMOTICS S-1FL6 KS gearboxes 

Comparison of KS adapter to KF and KQ adapters

The KS adapter will gradually replace both the KF adapters already available for SIMOTICS S-1FL6 and the KQ adapters for SIMOTICS S-1FK7/1FT7 motors.

Advantages of the KS adapter:

  • Compactness (shorter design than KF and KQ adapters)
  • Reduction of variance - one adapter series for different servomotors
  • Die-cast aluminum version - no painting required for certain geared motor combinations
  • Mounting possible for Z19 and B19
  • Mounting of SIMOTICS S-1FK2 will be considered in the future

Paint finish

The KS adapter is made of aluminum in sizes KS03 to KS05.  This means that the adapter is supplied unpainted, provided that the corresponding gearbox is also made of aluminum as standard.

Configuration notes

A complete system consisting of a SIMOTICS S-1FL6 motor + SIMOGEAR KS adapter + SIMOGEAR gearbox is not available for ordering via the Quotation Center as a unit until further notice.

The SIMOGEAR KS adapter is included in the DT Configurator.

DT Configurator

The adapter is supplied mounted on the gearbox as standard. Mounting on the motor is performed by the customer.

Note: As with the previous adapter solutions, the screws for motor mounting are not supplied with the adapter. Thread sizes and tightening torques can be taken from the table below or the Operating Instructions 76798783.

Motor fixing screws

Screw tightening torques

Compatibility for motors - adapters- gearboxes

  1. "Low Inertia (LI)" and "High Inertia (HI)" motors with the same shaft heights may require different KS adapters.


    • SIMOTICS S-1FL604 (LI) --> KS adapter 4.1
    • SIMOTICS S-1FL604 (HI) --> KS adapter 4.2

    SIMOTICS S-1FL6 motor article numbers

    • Low Inertia (LI): 1FL6XXX-2XXXX-XXXX
    • High Inertia (HI): 1FL6XXX-1XXXX-XXXX

  2. Only plain  motor shafts (without feather key) can be mounted to the adapter.

Permitted article numbers: G or H in the 15th position (plain shaft)

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