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Handling with SIMATIC S7-1500 T-CPU

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Motion Control applications for handling devices

The use of handling devices is widely spread in the field of production machines. SIMATIC S7-1500 Technology CPUs operate the handling devices respectively robots using path interpolation. The integrated technology object kinematics calculates the kinematics transformations and provides position set points for driven axes.

In order to support the engineering of handling applications there is a collection of software blocks and libraries for SIMATIC S7-1500 T-CPUs, which simplify the creation of such applications. Besides an HMI faceplate to control and configure the kinematics via an HMI there is e.g. an application to easily programm path motions.

Handling standard applications for use with SIMOTION can be found here:  84980638 

SIMATIC S7-1500T Kinematics Manual Control

The library LKinMCtrl provides manual control functionalities for TO Kinematics with a predefined faceplate for an HMI. This reduces HMI engineering time as all mayor kinematics functions are encapsulated in a single HMI faceplate. Following benefits are provided with this library: 

  • Jog kinematics with different modes
  • Jog / home single axes
  • Clearly displayed error in HMI of the kinematics and axes
  • Monitoring and configuration of zones
  • Configuration of frames and dynamics for the kinematics
  • Configuration of axis dynamics and position limits
  • Teach kinematics positions in a point table

SIMATIC S7-1500T Kinematics Control

The library LKinCtrl provides functionalities for TO Kinematics to easily program and control granular path motions in a command list.

Following benefits are provided with this library:

  • Comfortable path definition in a command list
  • Single step / automatic mode for path execution
  • Flags for actuator control depending on path status
  • Function block to jog the kinematics
  • Generation of a path definition by given G-Code

SIMATIC S7-1500T Kinematics Language

The library LKinLang enables textual motion programming of kinematics. Besides the possibility to define user-specific textual languages, the motion program can also be defined in G-Code.

Following benefits are provided with this library:

  • comfortable motion programming using textual languages
  • G-Code programming with limited instruction set
  • user-defined language definition
  • 4D path interpolation
  • storage of textual program files on memory card
  • program file transfer via web server or transfer tool
  • mathematical functions for programming
 SIMATIC 109767009 

SIMATIC S7-1500T Kinematics AddOn

The libray SIMATIC Kinematics AddOn (LKinAddOn) offers a variety of comfort functions for specific kinematics use cases. 

Following benefits are provided with this library:

  • Sampling of any kind of data
  • Retract kinematics after zone collision 
 SIMATIC 109771339 

SIMATIC S7-1500T Kinematics Transformation

The library Kinematics Transformation provides an interface for programming customized kinematic transformations with direct specification of the Cartesian command values.

Following benefits are provided with this library:

  • Standardized interface for programming own kinematic transformations for any number of axes
  • Control of joint axes by usage of motion interface functionality (enabling and monitoring executed by the library)
  • Direct specification of the Cartesian command values (e.g. cams)

 SIMATIC 109758302 

SIMATIC S7-1500T Kinematics Computed Torque Control

The library Kinematics Computed Torque Control (LKinCTC) enables the user to easily realize a torque pre control for different types of kinematics in the drive.

Following benefits are provided with this library:

  • Higher precision due to reduced following error
  • Higher performance due to smaller positioning windows necessary
  • Calculating torque curves in advance with virtual axes
  • Automated parameterization


SIMATIC S7-1500T Kinematics Cam Control 


The library Kinematics Cam Control (LKinCam) enables the user to synchronize the movement of an axes group e.g. a handling kinematics to a global machine master cycle. 

Following benefits are provided with this library: 

  • Individual specification of a path movement related to a leading value via intermediate points and direction vectors
  • Calculation and interpolation of cams
  • Camming of any number of following axis to a leading axis with one encapsulated function block 
 SIMATIC 109771563 

SIMATIC S7-1500T Product Register

The library product Register (LProdReg) enables to organize a central product register for various applications in which the products and containers need to be detected, sorted, tracked and processed along a production line.

Following benefits are provided with this library: 

  • modular concept to realize individual scenarios in production machines
  • product detection via sensors (e.g. cameras, light beams, ...)
  • central data storage for product tracking along the production line
  • possibilities to add user-specific product data
  • sorting and prioritization algorithms (standard and user-specifically adaptable)
  • kinematics interaction template

SIMATIC Kinematics Operate 


SIMATIC Kinematics Operate can control up to 6 axes with synchronous Point to Point (sPTP) movement. The plug & play solution offers a comfortable user interface for configuring, programming, operating and diagnosing the kinematics via the HMI.

Following benefits are provided with this library: 

  • extensive configuration functionality via HMI
  • programming functionality via HMI
    • synchronous point-to-point commands
    • single axis motion commands
    • program sequence control commands
    • variable access and value assignment commands 
 SIMATIC 109784136 

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motioncontrol_apc_applications, handling, TO_Kinematics, technology object kinematics 

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