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SINAMICS S120 Synchronism Applications with DCB Extension

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The synchronism applications allow position controlled axes motions. The axes can be operated in an autarkic way or follow a leading axis in a relative or absolute angular synchronism relation. The Motion Control functionality is realized directly in the SINAMICS drive system for these applications. For optional use, a function block for the SIMATIC S7-1200/1500 controller is available.

Types of the application
The synchronism applications from version 5.1 are separated into Basic and Extended Applications. The following types are available:

  • Basic Gear (new and optimized)

  • Basic Cam (new and optimized)

  • Extended Gear (based on the old versions)

  • Extended Cam (based on the old versions)

The Basic Applications were completely new developed for that version. They are simplified in complexity and improved in usability. Therfore the usage of the Basic Applications is recommended – especially for new users.

The Extended Applications are based on the older applications and were only improved in their functionality. Compared to the Basic Applications they are more complex in setup and usability. Therefore the Extended Applications are intended to be used by experienced users that have already worked with the old versions and want to upgrade those to the new version.  

Function scope
The following functions are available with the Basic and Extended Applications:

  • Homing functions: absolute encoder adjustment, active homing, set reference point, flying homing, printmark correction

  • Positioning functions: absolute and relative positioning, jogging

  • Synchronism functions: absolute and relative synchronism, leading value cahngeover on the fly between two leading value sources, 1 cam (with 16 points and interpolation up to 5th order), electronic gearbox

  • All functions/modes can be changed on the fly

The following additional functions are supported by the Extended Applications:

  • Offset angle

  • Distance depending engaging/disengaging

  • Dynamic based coupling/stopping

  • 2 switchable cams in parallel with 64 points and interpolation up to 5th order

Function scope Applications

(Downloadpackage contains Documentation and Software)

  Presentation Synchronism (718,2 KB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Package Basic Synchronism V5.2 HF2 (18,7 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Package Extended Synchronism V5.2 HF2 (19,7 MB)

  Presentation Projectassistant Synchronism (691,0 KB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Software Projectassistant Synchronism V1.1 (15,0 MB)

For the technological applications Flying Saw and Cross Cutter, specific software packages for SINAMICS drives are available.
S120 Crosscutter with DCB Extension: 109477746
S120 Flying Saw with DCB Extension:  109477745 

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