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Delivery Release: SENTRON 3KC ATC6300 – Automatic Transfer Control Device

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The SENTRON 3KC ATC6300, equipped with two motor-driven circuit breakers or a remotely operated transfer switching equipment (RTSE) serves as a transfer system that automatically or manually switches between two power supply systems in low voltage power distribution applications.


The SENTRON 3KC ATC6300 controls the transfer between both power supplies fully automatically, while taking into consideration the set limit values and delay times. It detects fluctuations occurring in the main power supply quickly and switches to the standby power supply. The control device only switches to the standby power supply after it has ensured that the standby supply is delivering the required power supply quality. The device switches back to the main power supply taking into consideration the set parameters once the required power supply quality is available again. If the standby power supply and/or the main power supply is fed by a generator, the control device also offers a wide range of settings, such as a generator lead time, delay time, and generator start test at specified times.

The SENTRON 3KC ATC6300 is ideally suited for low voltage power supplies thanks to its wide voltage range covering up to 480V AC (phase-phase). Two separate power supplies are required to maintain a continuous power supply to loads in the event of a power failure. Loads can be supplied with power through the following configurations like mains/mains, mains/generator, or generator/generator. The SENTRON 3KC ATC6300 can be used throughout the entire range of low-voltage power distribution applications. It can be integrated as a control panel instrument in low voltage main distribution units, sub-distribution units, and distribution boards.

SENTRON 3KC ATC6300 is tested with the following switching devices:

  • Molded case circuit breaker 3VA
  • Molded case circuit breaker 3VL
  • Air cuircuit breaker 3WL
  • Air cuircuit breaker 3WT
  • Remotely operated transfer switching equipment 3KC3
  • Remotely operated transfer switching equipment 3KC4

Expandability by communication interfaces or by digital inputs and outputs

Expansion module Ethernet

USB front interface

By using expansion modules the 3KC ATC6300 can be integrated into a communication landscape. The 3KC ATC6300 supports the protocols Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII through the optional interfaces RS485 and Ethernet. The 3KC ATC6300 provides all available data of the transfer control system and the networks through these interfaces. Additionally, the 3KC ATC6300 can be controlled through these interfaces. These functions make it possible to integrate the 3KC ATC6300 into additional monitoring software (e.g. SCADA) or other intelligent devices that support Modbus (e.g. Siemens PLCs) and to control it.
Besides expansion modules with communication interfaces, the number digital inputs and outputs can be expanded by additional modules.

Simple parameterizing and monitoring using powerconfig or the front LCD display

In addition to operation and parameterization on-site, you can also monitor and set the parameters of the controllers using Siemens powerconfig software.

Through an optional USB front interface the parameters of the ATC can be changed without opening the panel door. So the ATC offers a high level of convenience and quick access to all device settings, e.g. complex settings that arise when connecting generators.

Target market:

The SENTRON 3KC ATC6300 can be used for the following applications:
  • Feeding UPS systems (uninterruptible power supply)
  • Airport and stadium power supplies
  • Data center and communication system power supplies
  • Supplying power to industrial processes that require a high level of operational continuity

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