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MindSphere SDK for Java and Node.js

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The MindSphere SDK for Java, Node.js and Python enables developers to work with the MindSphere IoT platform easily. For that reason the SDK provides Java, Node.js and Python client libraries for the interaction with the RESTful MindSphere Platform APIs.

By clicking on any of the download links below, you accept the MindSphere Development License Agreement, which applies to the SDKs made available on this page and which you can access by following the link:

MindSphere SDK for Java

V 1.0.0:

 Registrierung notwendig  mindsphere-sdk_1.0.0.zip (613,0 KB)

SHA256: 124E3A12EAE9E6BB88D239975DA0BD0FF979093F4C591472981BD9A06D4536B0

V 1.1.0:

 Registrierung notwendig  mindsphere-sdk_v1.1.0.zip (881,7 KB) 

SHA256: 8BEBEE9BC7162036C6523566C9F8532F3000547324AB6516E31D87F8128D744E


 Registrierung notwendig  mindsphere-sdk_1.2.0.zip (1005,2 KB)

SHA256: 507E1A370566628F13F11F867A9ED7D0DEEC6A192B31B6EA46F77B5727E9D73C

V 1.2.1:

 Registrierung notwendig  mindsphere-sdk_1.2.1.zip (1006,4 KB) 

SHA256: 0A1001D714F45DF8E1FCB7298D56B36ECEDA6C2AE38A7F31BCC3C9DFB6C05005

V 2:

 Registrierung notwendig  mindsphere-sdk-v2.zip (1,0 MB) 


V 2.1.0:

 Registrierung notwendig  mindsphere-sdk_2.1.0.zip (1,6 MB) 

SHA256: EF6EDBFF4C15E2079DBBB4A0138DAA3B7A958FDF2710843D2976F6D456848B77

V 2.1.1:

 Registrierung notwendig  mindsphere-sdk_2.1.1.zip (1,8 MB) 

SHA256: 9A83175B8CA6ECA25F2A99BD8669189364AE5C1F67598277EA00721E2DE6DC76

V 2.2.0:

 Registrierung notwendig  mindsphere-sdk_2.2.0.zip (2,0 MB)

SHA256: 6196A777A8324CAFBBA7345FF23294C7DEEF1CA3D5C75E9F0218EDF467585ED4

V 2.2.1:

 Registrierung notwendig  mindsphere-sdk_2.2.1.zip (4,1 MB)

SHA256: B3EFF53737AEB7CD59918365075674FAD2D076577B45E42B0F8843F7B9601F96

V 2.1.1 Region China:

 Registrierung notwendig  mindsphere-sdk-java_v2.1.1_region_china1.zip (1,4 MB) 

SHA256: 7747E102DAF4936B94CCF47C81C7954C6C6F63B1D203B889E529038AD75BA51F

V 2.2.1 Region China:

 Registrierung notwendig  mindsphere-java-sdk_2.2.1_AliCloud.zip (2,1 MB)


Official Documentation SDK for Java

Official Documentation SDK V2 for Java 

MindSphere SDK for Node.js

 Registrierung notwendig  mindsphere-node-sdk_1.0.0.zip (71,2 KB) 

SHA256: 5A5953114D6004F3392DD92E0CCA7EA40C686FAD73DA01801FA58A2CE6A62C01

V 1.0.0 Region China:

 Registrierung notwendig  mindsphere-node-sdk_1.0.0-AliCloud.zip (80,3 KB)

SHA256: E5FBFEC82037752D2C7530DC26D5B75543E01323BE715444088D674FE94B4D80

Official Documentation SDK for Node.js

MindSphere SDK for Python

 Registrierung notwendig  mindsphere-python-sdk_1.0.0.zip (364,4 KB)

SHA256: 0390F9BC934EA1D0AA4CDEBA85412C7427D16E5658282242B5C6D94D27D59C23

Official Documentation

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