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New Auxiliary Switches for the 3K Switch Disconnectors

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New auxiliary switches for the 3K switch disconnectors 3KA, 3KL, 3KM, 3KD, 3KF, 3KC0
Due to the phase out of the 3SB1 and 3SB3 auxiliary switches which can only be ordered until 30.09.2018, new auxiliary switches are available for the 3K switch disconnectors:
  • For 3KA/L/M:
    As of middle of May, new 3KX auxiliary switches will be available replacing the 3SB1. These are electrical and mechanical fully compatible with the 3SB1, having the same certificates.
  • For 3KD/F/C0:
    As of July 2018, the 3SU successor auxiliary switches can be used replacing the 3SB3.
    The 3SU adapted 3KD/F/C0 main switches are available, containing also an adapter for using the old 3SB3 auxiliary switches.

Attached you will find a conversion list of the 3SB1 and 3SB3 auxiliary switches for the 3K product families:

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