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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109757855, Entry date: 06/14/2018

Delivery release for SIMATIC IOT2000 Input Sink / Source Module

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With its ten digital inputs, the SIMATIC IOT2000 Input Sink / Source Module allows for the direct connection of non-time-critical sensor data to the SIMATIC IOT2000.

Due to the isolated design of the inputs, the input wiring can be either in Sink or Source.
The module can individually read in each channel as Sink / Source (respectively source or sink input) without additional configuration.

Product description

Major highlights:

  • High industrial functionality
  • ARDUINO shield with 10x DI Sink / Source
  • Operation of Sink / Source integrated in hardware (no software switchover necessary)
    • Can be selected individually for each channel
  • Fast assembly, as the suitable cover and fastening material are included in delivery
  • Industrial design
  • Use of the industry-standard voltage ranges (e.g. 24 V with digital in)
  • Tested environmental conditions, such as IOT2040 (e.g. for 0 .. 50° C)
  • Approvals such as IOT2040 (CE UL)
  • Developed and tested for 24/7 operation
  • Highest degree of variability for creating applications
  • Addressing the module via GPIOs allows the arbitrary selection of the programming language and development environment, e.g. Node-RED

Product photos:


Scope of delivery including cover and fixing bolts

Target applications:

  • Direct connection of
  • Sensors, in particular proximity sensors
  • Machine status detection (bid coding)
  • Forwarding of data to higher-level units, e.g. to a cloud

The product features of the SIMATIC IOT2000 Input Module Sink/Source in detail:

Product designation

SIMATIC IOT2000 Input Module Sink / Source




GPIO (I2C and SPI free)

Digital input

10 x DI (24 V) Sink / Source

    Speed of DI

20 Hz, delay < 1.5 ms

    Electrical isolation



Ordering data:

Product name

Article number

 SIMATIC IOT2000 Input Module Sink / Source



Compatibility and predecessor products

The Input Sink / Source Module can be jointly used with SIMATIC IOT2040. The hardware interface is compatible with ARDUINO UNO R3 pinout.


No additional software is required for operation, the IO module can be directly accessed via the GPIOs.

Internet site

Technical support and application support from Siemens Industry Online Forum:

The moderated forum for customers is available to support them in the integration and commissioning of the module. You can find a Getting Started, FAQs, etc. here. Application examples will be provided successively

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