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Diagnostics of WinCC V7 (Script Diagnostic....)

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The application example shows you various options for the diagnostics of WinCC V7. It shows the use of various tools and options to localize and eliminate errors in WinCC V7.

This application example will be gradually expanded. The topic "script diagnostics" will be discussed in the first step. 

During technical problem solving, it is usually advantageous to proceed systematically. For a SCADA application such as WinCC, the following steps are recommended:

1. Problem determination

2. Problem description

  • Performance
  • Connection problems
  • Installation problem
  • sporadic or reproducible error
  • different areas, e.g. script, graphic runtime

3. Diagnostics (cause research)

  • Configuration error
  • Software fault
  • Hardware fault

4. Troubleshooting

This application example focuses on step 3 (diagnostics), in particular:

  • How do you diagnose the application?
  • Where can you find useful information?
  • Which diagnostic tools are available to you? 

Other topics

  • such as
  • log files,
  • general diagnostic tools,
  • diagnostic tools for communication,
  • avoiding errors through prevention,
  • will be added to this document in loose order.

  WinCC Diagnostics (1,4 MB)

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