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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 109757994, Entry date: 12/13/2018

Applicative conversion from 3SE6806 magnetic switch evaluation unit to 3SK2

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This entry contains information about conversion of 3SE6806 to 3SK2


What is the procedure when replacing the 3SE6806 safety relays?




The 3SE6806 safety relays cannot be used with new applications. The software-parameterizable 3SK2 safety relays can be used for the same application.

The procedure for converting from 3SE6806 to 3SK2 is described in this document. In order to make the conversion process as fast and easy as possible, the following explanations are based on a template project in which the internal switching logic is already integrated.

  FAQ_109757994_Applicativeconversionfrom3SE6806to3SK2_V1_0_EN.pdf (1,3 MB) 

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