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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 109758022, Entry date: 05/29/2018

SITRANS LUT400 Saving Parameters

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Problem/FAQ: Does the SITRANS LUT400 save parameters frequently during normal operation, or only after a parameter change?

Solution:    The SITRANS LUT400 series controller saves all user parameters with any parameter update or change (made by a user via the HMI and keypad, USB interface, or HART communications interface).  It also saves user parameters (including the totalizers) every hour. A copy of the parameters are also sent to the HMI every hour.

If “Saving Parameters” shows up on the HMI at any other time (for example:  when the level goes negative), it is most likely due to an old version of the Sensor firmware. Older versions would perform a “Saving Parameters” operation when Level Alarms tripped or the Level status changed (for example: from “Good” to “Uncertain” or “Good” to “Bad”).

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