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How do you unlock a delivery note for downloading?

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We will take an example to show you how to unlock a delivery note so that the download is available for you.

The delivery notes are blocked after 28 days due to export regulations. Previously, you received a download-ready e-mail and two reminder e-mails. The reason for this is that after one month a new DAMEX check has to be made. After unlocking you can download immediately.

In the instructions below we show you to unlock the delivery note for your download.

  1. Click the link Online Software Delivery to access the web page of OSD (Online Software Delivery).

    Alternatively you can also call OSD via the link in the download-ready e-mail, via the TIA Administrator or via the ALM (Automation License Manager). Open the ALM and click "Web License Key Download".

  2. In the following dialog under "Login with Delivery Note" you enter the delivery note number and your password or you log in with your Industry Mall account.

  3. Then click the "Login with dispatch" button.

    Fig. 1

  4. After login your delivery note data is displayed. Click "Send Unlock Request".

    Fig. 2

  5. Confirm your Unlock Request.

    Fig. 3

  6. After completing the next step with OK your sales contact is informed and you will receive an automatically generated e-mail from Siemens about the current processing status of your Unlock Request.

    Fig. 4

  7. Open the e-mail and click the link "Online Software Delivery (Worklist)".

    Fig. 5

    You also access the worklist via "Site Explorer > Links > Worklist".

    Fig. 6

  8. You can check your order data in the next dialog. In this example the transaction number is 1195. You sales contact and finally the Siemens works will further process the delivery note unlocking. If you need more information about the transaction, click "Details" in the line of your delivery note number.

    Fig. 7

  9. As soon as Siemens has processed the transaction you receive a second automatically generated e-mail as confirmation.

    Fig. 8

  10. Siemens performs the DAMEX check (Data Automated Export) during the processing of your transaction.

    "Siemens and its suppliers are obligated to comply at all times with the legal requirements for export control and customs, and to ensure their correct and cost-effective implementation."

    At the end of the transaction and with a positive DAMEX check result you will receive the third automatically generated e-mail from Siemens with the confirmation that your delivery note is unlocked and the download is now at your disposal.

    Fig. 9

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