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How can you create a bootable FreeDOS USB stick?

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This FAQ shows how to create a bootable FreeDOS USB stick using the open source software "Create_bootFAT32_FreeDOS".

1. Download the appended file "Create_bootFAT32_FreeDos.zip" from SIOS:

2. Unpack the file "Create_bootFAT32_FreeDos.zip".

3. Plug the USB-flash drive into a free USB port.

4. Run "Create_boostFAT32_FreeDOS.exe".

5. Confirm with "OK" that you have connected a USB stick.

Fig. 01

6. Confirm the drive in which the USB-flash drive is located with "OK". (Note: All data on the USB-flash drive will be lost).

Fig. 02

7. The USB-flash drive will be created.

Fig. 03

8. Remove the created USB-flash drive safely and eject it.

 Registrierung notwendig  Create_bootFAT32_FreeDos.zip (6,9 MB)
SHA256: 082764EE2F135F276ED0220D75C816C0F5FE74F26C6E7D9EE9D93359CE1A050E

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