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How should be an acceptance test for safety functions performed?

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This entry contains information about the execution and documentation of acceptance test of the safety function.


How should I perform an acceptance test for safety function? How should this be documented? What should be tested? Is there an example?




According to EN ISO 13849-2 and EN 62061 validation is a confirmation by examination of a safety-related system according to a few  aspects. The aim of validation is to verify that the implemented safety functions make the required contribution to risk mitigation so that the machine becomes and remains safe.

One part of the validation is the check of the correct implementation, the functional test of (application) software as well as the check of the robustness of the implementation.

Perform a functional test and perform selected fault simulations (fault seeding tests) to proof the correct implementation of the safety functions, this should be documented during the acceptance test of the safety functions.

The first aim is to prove that the safety functions have been implemented correctly according to the requirements and provide the necessary risk mitigation.

The second aim is to prove that the (application) software supports execution of the safety functions and the planned measures for fault avoidance are effectively implemented.

The last aim is to prove that the safety functions have been implemented with the necessary quality to achieve the desired SIL or PL and category and the necessary diagnostics measures have been effectively implemented.

An  Registrierung notwendig  example (483,9 KB)  of an acceptance test is attached. This can be used to document the fulfillment of the function test and fault simulations according the machine validation process. The example can be freely used as template for own purposes.

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