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SINAMICS G120C: Swapping out G120C FSA for FSAA in Starter

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Motor related parameters have reverted back to default when the uploaded from a G120C and loaded back into the G120C FSAA. This is because the MLFB has changed with the last digit changing from a 1 to a 2.

Why have the motor related parameters defaulted when the uploaded parameters are downloaded into the replacement G120C FSAA?

When a G120C FSA has been replaced with an FSAA with identical ratings and software, when going online with the uploaded parameters from the FSA you will see the following:
On loading the HW configuration to the PG, the motor related parameters including p1300 will revert back to default in the offline configuration. This is what will be loaded into the FSAA.

(If the FSA has firmware earlier than V4.7.3 then, when replacing with a FSAA, we would recommend upgrading to the latest firmware. Earlier versions of firmware can be loaded into the FSAA but functionality within Starter may be restricted.)

This is because of the last digit in the MLFB changing from 1 to a 2.
From the options tab on the tool bar, untick the ‘Display Online/offline comparision box as seen below.

You will be prompted that the two power modules are different

After downloading the parameters to the FSAA a comparison can now be made.

It must be noted that on Profinet units, the IP address and device name do not get transferred over and have to be programmed manually to the original settings.

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