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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109758300, Entry date: 06/14/2018

Delivery release for IFP INOX PRO devices without operating elements

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Effective immediately, variants of the SIMATIC IFP in a closed stainless steel enclosure without operating elements with extended certificates for applications in the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry are available.

The Industrial Flat Panel 19" in a fully enclosed stainless steel enclosure can be connected as an Ethernet monitor by means of 'Long Distance Connection via Gigabit Ethernet'. The devices can be installed flexibly at the machine or plant in a position where they have to be viewed, but where no space is available for a control cabinet.

The range of panels and panel PCs in a fully enclosed stainless steel enclosure for hygiene applications has been extended with these products:

Affected products / product names

  • SIMATIC IFP1900 INOX PRO for pedestal - without operating elements

  • SIMATIC IFP1900 INOX PRO for support arm - without operating elements


Article number

SIMATIC IFP1900 INOX PRO for pedestal without operating elements


SIMATIC IFP1900 INOX PRO for support arm without operating elements


Table 1: Overview with article numbers

Tests and certifications

INOX PRO devices with operating elements are delivered with CE declaration of conformity. The devices without operating elements have other tests and certifications:

  • Further country-specific approvals, such as UL, cULus

  • Approval for hazardous areas: IECEx, ATEX Zone 2/22

Fig. 1: IFP1900 INOX PRO without operating elements with options pedestal and vendor part bottom flange for pipe with 40 mm inside diameter; subject to change without notice

Product descriptions: Major product features

Areas of application are

  • The food and beverages industry

  • The pharmaceutical industry

  • Hazardous areas in accordance with IECEx, ATEX zone 2/22

The products are equipped with an analog-resistive touch sensor with a solid decorative film for better impermeability and additional shatter protection.

Technical features:

  • High all-round degree of protection (IP66)

  • High chemical resistance (see FAQ on resistances of the front film)

  • Developed based on DIN 1672-2:2009 (hygienic design)

  • Easy cleanability tested by LGA (TÜV Rheinland)

  • Cable routing (e.g. 24 V DC and communication) is effected through the support system. Separate holes or cable glands are not required

Requirements for product use (compatibility, technical requirements, required accessories)

  • In terms of functionality, the listed devices are compatible with the SIMATIC standard devices on which they are based

  • The INOX PRO devices cannot be combined mechanically with the Standard PRO devices with aluminum enclosure

The device seals used are made of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) and listed according to FDA. If necessary, the seals can be replaced by the customer. Service packages in the HMI accessories are available for replacing seals.


Article number

Service pack INOX PRO 19" with replacement seal for connector compartment


Service pack 2 INOX PRO 19" with replacement seal for rear wall of the device


Table 2: Overview of the service packs for INOX PRO 19" devices

Support arm versions and pedestal versions can be ordered for mounting the devices. Mounting kits that can be ordered in the HMI accessories allow the adaption of stainless steel support systems for 40 mm pipes (inner diameter) of the control cabinet vendor. Pivot joints, for example, are also available there.


Article number

Mounting kit support arm mounting


Mounting kit pedestal mounting


Table 3: Overview of the mounting sets for INOX PRO 19" devices

In order to minimize the stocking of spare parts, the INOX PRO devices can be converted to the respective other variant by turning the rear wall (flange at the top or bottom). The associated service manual is to be used for this purpose:

(German article) https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/ww/de/view/109752621

(English article) https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/ww/en/view/109752621


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