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Industrial Thin Client - configuration examples (remote access with terminal devices)

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Different scenarios for using SIMATIC ITCs are explained. The ITC V3 supports the protocols RDP, VNC and Sm@rtServer, as well as the HTTP with an integrated HTML5 web browser. Because of the numerous possibilities for remote access and the easy operation, the devices are ideal for any terminal application and maintenance tasks (also Intel AMT).

The SIMATIC Industrial Thin Clients are terminal devices specially developed for the industrial environment. They are designed as control stations to be used in client-server architecture to provide remote access to server systems.
The computing power and software is provided by the server, and the ITC serves as an I/O device, which is reflected in the purchase price and maintenance cost.

Die Konfigurationsbeispiele der ITCs in diesem Beitrag sind:

  • Virtualization
  • Decentralized operation of WinCC
  • Remote control
  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote maintenance
  • Online Access
  • Online diagnostics

In this application example the ITCs and the individual protocols are introduced together with their properties, and the markup language HTML5 is explained. Furthermore, the setup/configuration of remote and web servers as well as their access via ITC is demonstrated through simple examples. All the necessary configurations and configuration steps are explained in the attached documentation.

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