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SIDOOR: Frequent error codes and remedies

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Here we list the most frequent displays of the 7-segment display, their meanings and possible remedies.
 7-segment displayBrief description Description Remedy 
 PParameter error
(error during learn run)
  • Door must be in "CLOSED"
  • The door width must be between 30cm and 5m
  • If "P" occurs in closing direction:
    • Remove obstructions
    • Increase the closing force using the minimal editor

      (see System Manual, section 

    • Do learn run in "OPEN" position.
      Increase the "Static closing force" profile parameter via the Service Tool
      Do learn run
      in "CLOSED" position. 
 6Motor blocked in closing direction 
  • Remove all obstructions that might be hindering the door
  • Increase the "Static closing force" profile parameter via the Service Tool
 0Light barrier interrupted 
  • Connect the light barrier to input X6.5
  • If there is no light barrier present, you have to jumper the inputs: 
    X4.1 to X6.5 and X4.2 to X6.6
 5Motor undefined 
  • Start the learn run (door must be closed):
  1. Remove the connector for the power supply (terminal X3) and wait until the 7-segment display goes off.
  2. Press and hold the learn run button (S401) 
  3. Plug the power supply connector back in (terminal X3).
  4. After a short initialization period the learn run starts automatically and you can release the run button (S401).
  5. When the 7-segment display shows "u", the learn run has been completed successfully.
  • Motor is not compatible with the door controller
  • Motor is defective and has to be replaced
 4Motor protection enabledMotor oscillates in one of the two end positions
Check whether the drive command "OPEN" or "CLOSE" is permanently present. For this you use the buttons on the door controller (press and hold the button).
  • If the door no longer oscillates, you must check the higher-level door PLC.
  • If the door continues to oscillate, then you must increase the profile parameter Continuous torque (power) CLOSE or "Continuous torque (power) OPEN" accordingly. You use the Service Tool for this. 


All the meanings of the 7-segment display are given in the controller manual, for example:

  • System Manual SIDOOR AT40, ATD400V, ATD400K, ATD4xxW, ATD400S, ATE250S, ATD400T: 58531074 (section 6.8.1)
  • System Manual SIDOOR ATE500E: 101978636 (section 6.9)
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