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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109758479, Entry date: 06/21/2018

RUGGEDCOM ROS Release Notes v4.3.5

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RUGGEDCOM ROS® version 4.3.5 is a minor release of the RUGGEDCOM ROS® operating system containing new features, enhancements, bug-fixes, and security improvements for supported product models.

RUGGEDCOM ROS® version 4.3.5 software is now available and can be obtained by requesting support at https://support.industry.siemens.com/my/us/en/requests#createRequest.

All RUGGEDCOM RS & i800 series switches, M969, M2100, and M2200 are supported with the exception of:


New Features and Enhancements

  • Controlled Firmware Running on Non-Controlled Devices
    Due to changes in export restrictions, ROS now allows controlled (high encryption) firmware to run on devices that are classified as non-controlled (NC). Exempted devices are the RMC30 and RP110. 
  • Changing Usernames and Passwords Over SSH
    A new set of commands were added to change usernames and passwords over an SSH connection.


Security Improvements

This version contains security-relevant product improvements which increases the robustness.  Upgrading to this version is recommended. 


Resolved Issues

  • Using the “sslkeygen” command with incorrect parameters cause a device reboot
  • SNMP LinkDown Trap not displaying correct status for ifOperStatus OID
  • Changing the minimum password length could render the device inaccessible
  • DHCP binding table is not always updated correctly
  • DHCP snooping on the main VLAN caused the device DHCP function to become inoperable
  • General resource allocation improvements


Security information
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