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LOGO! Home Automation - Access control

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A building shall be equipped with various access controls via keypads, or other coded access. Different requirements have to be considered. You get three ready-made switching programs for LOGO! 8 with an increasing complexity, with which you can integrate a CODE input, e.g. for a door access control.

In a simple scenario, a door is released by a weekly timer on certain days of the week and at certain times of the day
However, access should be possible for a certain group of people, at all other times of the day and night.

Basic - Example (12-key pad with internal coding)

  • In the basic example, a 12-digit keypad is to be attached to the input that requires a 4-digit CODE input for access. After successful CODE input, a digital 24 V output signal is transmitted to the LOGO! BM and the door contacts are opened and access is enabled for a certain time.

Extended - (CODE input without keypad on LOGO! TDE)

  • In an extension of the basic example, in-house access control is to be set up. However, an external input console should not be used and instead a LOGO! TDE should be installed next to the door to enter the access code. Coding and CODE management must be integrated into LOGO!. The change of the LOGO! internal coding, as well as the parameters of the weekly timer, can only be changed after a successful CODE entry.

Advanced - Complex example with (12-key field without own coding)

  • In this example, an inexpensive 12-pin keypad without logic is used for outdoor use and a weekly switching time clock is dispensed with.
    The 12 keys of the keypad are connected in a matrix structure in which 7 contacts (pins) forward the inputs on the keypad to a terminal
    (here LOGO! 8). CODE input and coding is processed within LOGO! A new code may only be entered after entering the previous code!
    In addition to the integrated web server, the user-defined web server should offer a functional and extended keypad for input. The integrated web server should be optionally usable as a display device.

The integrated functions of LOGO! 8 offer many additional possibilities to solve tasks, e.g. in Home Automation, quickly and easily.

With LOGO! 8, prefabricated function blocks support project creation, e.g. weekly timer, pulse generator, astro timer, year timer, stopwatch and simple logic gates.

The integrated web server of the LOGO! basic module (BM) offer additional options for operation and monitoring using ts.
This enables you to call up and control functions via the Internet.

The benefits of LOGO!

  • Extendability of the software program by further tasks, such as:
    (blind control, room lighting, staircase lighting, further safety and monitoring functions, etc.)
  • Simple, star-shaped wiring of the components
  • Integration of LOGO! inputs and outputs into a KNX system

Target group
This application example is aimed at qualified specialist personnel, such as installers, machine and plant manufacturers alike, who want to set up individual access control on a local or machine basis, or who want to extend an existing LOGO! installation

Documentation and example project
  Documentation (2,7 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  LOGO! program inside ZIP archive (637,5 KB) 

Additional keywords
Building services, home automation, home security, garden, Entry control

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