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How do you generate the Energy Suite visualization automatically with SiVArc in WinCC Professional?

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For WinCC Professional you can use SiVArc to automatically generate the Energy Suite visualization for all configured energy objects.

In TIA Portal V15.1 and higher the visualization for energy objects is included in the global library "Energy Suite". The visualization is prepared for use with SiVArc, so you can generate the objects in just a few steps without prior SiVArc configuration knowledge.

Fig. 1

You need the following software components:

  • STEP 7 Professional V15.1 and WinCC Professional V15.1
  • SIMATIC Visualization Architect V15.1
  • SIMATIC S7 controller with created energy objects.

Make sure that the controller is networked with the WinCC Runtime Professional and that the controller can be compiled without error. 

SiVArc V15.1 as a test version and further information about ordering are available in the following Entry ID 109761214 

 Registration required  Library LEnSVisu_SiVArc (470.3 KB)


  1. Download the library "LEnSVisu_SiVArc" under Downloads.

  2. Open your project and the library "LEnSVisu_SivArc" in the TIA Portal.

    Open the library with write protection.

  3. Open the global library "Energy Suite" and copy the "EnS_Visualization" folder from the "Types" folder and from the "Master copies" folder into your project.

    Fig. 2

  4. Open the SiVArc screen rules editor ("Project tree > Common data > SiVArc").

    Fig. 3

  5. Drag-and-drop the "EnS_WCP_Faceplate" rules from the library into the opened editor.

    Fig. 4

  6. Open the SiVArc copy rules editor ("Project tree > Common data > SiVArc").

  7. Drag-and-drop the "EnS_WCP_CopyRules" rules group from the library into the opened editor.

    Fig. 5

  8. Start the SiVArc generator. For this you select the WinCC Runtime Professional in the TIA Portal project tree and click the following buttons in the TIA Portal menu bar.

    The control program must be compiled without error for this step.

    Fig. 6

    Generation result
    Faceplates are created for all the Energy Suite objects on the HMI screen "EnS_EnergyObjectVisualization" and linked with the energy data from the controller.

    Fig. 7

    A maximum of 35 Energy Suite faceplates can be generated on one HMI screen. If you have created more than 35 energy objects, additional screens are generated aurtomatically.

  9. Open the HMI screen "EnS_EnergyObjectVisualization" and mark all the faceplates.

  10. In the inspector window you open the "Events" tab. Add the VBS script "EnS_openEnergyBasic" to a click event of the faceplates via "Properties > Events > openEnergyBasic".

    Fig. 8

  11. Start the WinCC Runtime. All the generated faceplates are now completely operable and are interconnected with the energy objects from the controller.
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