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SITRAIN course: SIMATIC WinCC (TIA Portal) on the machine level for Comfort Panels and WinCC Runtime Advanced

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Basic course for SIMATIC WinCC Basic/Comfort/Advanced; Product training; Type: Classroom training course; Duration: 3 days; different regions/sites
The course teaches you how to use the SIMATIC WinCC software based on the TIA Portal to quickly and easily configure machine-specific and plant-specific operation and monitoring tasks. You learn how to design and dynamize graphic displays. You are taught how to archive messages and values and to design and implement the corresponding archives. After learning to handle the system safely and reliably you can then make effective use of the Engineering Phase.
The course enables you to:
  • Efficiently and reliably operate SIMATIC WinCC based on the Engineering platform "TIA Portal"
  • Understand and edit SIMATIC WinCC projects for use on the machine level (HMI operator panels and WinCC Runtime Advanced)
  • Optimally design the user interface
  • Implement archiving concepts for alarms and values
  • Have targeted access to values from the SIMATIC S7 and display and process them in the operation and monitoring system (HMI)
  • System overview of TIA Portal, SIMATIC WinCC
  • Create a SIMATIC WinCC project for Comfort Panel and WinCC Runtime Advanced 
  • Connection configuration to the SIMATIC S7 automation system
  • Basics of creating graphic displays for operation and monitoring
  • User administration
  • Message display, message archiving, message configuration
  • Tag archiving, trend configuration, trend display
  • Recipes
  • Handling different operator control and monitoring stations
  • Consolidation of the contents through practical exercises on the SIMATIC S7-1500 plant model with Comfort Panel

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Note - Difference between WinCC V7 and WinCC (TIA Portal)
This training course is held based on SIMATIC WinCC Comfort and SIMATIC WinCC Advanced (both products based on the TIA Portal). During the course you work with a Comfort Panel and a PC single station system that communicate with a SIMATIC S7-1500. 
  • For SIMATIC WinCC Professional (SCADA system based on TIA Portal) we offer the courses shown in the following table.
  • For SIMATIC WinCC V7.x (SCADA system) we offer the course ST-BWINCCS (see following table).
Requirements for participation
  • Basics of automation technology  

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