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Release for delivery: SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Technology V1.0 SP2 HF1

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With immediate effect the SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Technology V1.0 SP2 HF1 has been generally released for delivery for mid-performance crane applications.

1. General

SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Technology is based on the standard SINAMICS FW V5.1.  It is applied for both CU310-2 hardware and CU320-2 hardware. It is compatible to to the previous version V1.0 SP2.

SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Technology is a crane sector solution for mid-performance crane applications. This solution does not overlap with the high-performance solution – SIMOCRANE Basic Technology, both regarding the hardware as well as the functional scope. In fact, SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Technology perfectly complements this high-performance solution to address the mid-performance market. Highlights of the Drive-Based Technology include fast commissioning based on standard applications – and a high degree of flexibility as a result of the various adaptation options. The Drive-Based Technology V1.0 SP2 HF1 can be applied for a single-axis solution with SINAMICS S120, CU310-2 (AC/AC drive) and its appropriate Power Modules as well as for a multi-axis solution with SINAMICS S120, CU320-2 (DC/AC drive).

SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Technology includes the following features:

  • All of the functions proven in practice, and necessary for mid-performance applications, can be parameterized on the new SINAMICS platform
  • Preconfigured standard applications for hoist and trolley/gantry with control via PROFIBUS DP or via I/O signals (ready-to-run, only has to be parameterized using the appropriate script)
  • Can be adapted to address specific customer requirements – ready-to-apply (adapted by the user)

2. Target group and required knowledge 

SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Technology addresses 3 target groups. It is assumed that these target groups have the following know-how:

  • Engineering: Basic SINAMICS knowledge
  • Commissioning: Basic SINAMICS knowledge
  • End users: no special knowledge

3. Functional scope

V1.0 SP2 HF1 focuses on upgrading standard SINAMICS Firmware V5.1. The functional scope has no change. As a result all frame size of the innovative hardware PM240-2 (framsize A -- framsize G) can be used for the single-axis solution. Furthermore there is no restriction to be used for the multi-axis solution with CU320-2.   

This version uses the standard SINAMICS Firmware V5.1, so that it cannot support anymore the 4Q-power module PM250 for crane application.

SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Technology is a drive-based solution, and offers compact functional scope within the SINAMICS environment.



Brief description


Load-dependent field weakening (LoadDependingFieldWeak)

Using the DCC block LoadDependingFieldWeak, depending on the load, a supplementary speed setpoint is calculated. Increasing the speed above the rated speed under partial load operation is used for cranes to increase the handling capacity.


Prelimit switch (selectable limiting) (PreLimitSwitch)

Using this DCC block, when a predefined prelimit switch is reached, the drive velocity is limited.


Start pulse (StartPulse)

Using this DCC block, the load is prevented from sagging when starting hoists with suspended load.


Current distribution monitoring (CurrentDistribution)

Using this DCC block, the current setpoints from the master and slave are compared. A signal is generated when a specified deviation is exceeded.


Master switch (MasterSwitch)

With this DCC block, using a directly connected master switch, the drive can be operated with a high degree of sensitivity for manual positioning. This DCC block has a 6-point polyline.


Monitoring the overspeed (OverSpeed)

Using the OverSpeed DCC block, the system can be monitored for an overspeed condition or a setpoint-actual value deviation identified (this is not a fail-safe function).


Time-optimized positioning for a single axis (Easy Positioning)

Using the ‚Easy Positioning’ function module, the drive can approach the target position precisely and as quickly as possible (time-optimized) with the specified maximum velocity and acceleration/deceleration.


Master-slave torque control

Master-slave operation is used if two motors are driving a common shaft/axle. The master operates either closed-position controlled or closed-loop speed controlled. The slave only operates in the closed-loop torque controlled mode. The master provides the slave with the torque setpoint. The standard application for multi-axis solution includes this configuration between two Gantry axes. 


Brake control

The simple or extended brake control allows users to parameterize the brake control instead of programming it. The application example shows the combination of start pulse and brake control, which simplifies engineering and commissioning for users.


Safety Integrated

SINAMICS Safety Integrated Basic and Extended Functions are available to users when required, e.g. STO, SLS.

4. Delivery scope 

The delivery scope of SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Technology V1.0 SP2 (order number: 6GA7270-1AA20-0AA0) include:

  • 1 memory card (CF card) with:
    • Standard SINAMICS FW V5.1
  • 1 DVD with:
    • Cranes DCC blocks
    • Standard applications
    • Documentation

Product Support


Operation instruction SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Technology 03/2017 (refer to 109747425)


  Readme_SIMOCRANE_Drive-Based_Technology_V1.0_SP2_HF1.pdf (85,7 KB)

Slides for product introduction and training:

  SIMOCRANE_DBT-V1.0_SP2_HF1_201806.pdf (5,6 MB)

Compatibility list:

Compatibility of SIMOCRANE with SIMATIC/SIMOTION/SINAMICS (refer to 56227827 )

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