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Product phase-out: End-of-life (EoL) notification for ASIC LSPM2

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ASIC LSPM2 is only available for ordering until 30/11/2018.

Details on the product phase-out and alternative options:

The ASIC manufacturer has received an EoL notification.

This means:

  • The ASIC can still be ordered regularly until the "last-time buy".
  • The manufacturer then delivers the ASICs up to the "last-time ship".
  • After the last shipment, the product will no longer be available as a new part and will be discontinued by Siemens.

 The last-time buy is set to 30/11/2018 for the LSPM2 and the last-time ship on 30/11/2019.

The following article numbers products are affected:

 Article numberDesignation 
 Evaluation pack; 6 pcs.
 6ES7195-0BA12-0XA0 Single tray; 66 pcs.
 6ES7195-0BA22-0XA0 Tray box; 330 pcs.
 6ES7195-0BA32-0XA0 15 tray box; 495 0pcs. 

You can stock up on products. Please order before the last-time buy (30/11/2018).

Note on the solderability of stock-up components:
Experience shows that ASICs can be soldered or processed without restrictions for at least 8 years after the production date (date code). This applies on the condition that you demonstrably comply with the usual MSL rules according to JEDEC J-STD-033C (processing time after opening the dry packs, subsequent drying when the dry packs are resealed and when the floor life expires or when the moisture indicators are displayed accordingly), which apply to the ASICs and are common in the semiconductor market.  

Alternative component
There is not successor ASIC for the LSPM2. Alternatively, two PROFIBUS slave ASICs are provided - DPC31-C1 and SPC3. Both alternatives use 5 V supply voltage. The module, however, must be redesigned.

List of article numbers for DPC31-C1:

Article numberDesignation 


Evaluation pack; 6 pcs.
6ES7195-0BF12-0XA0 Single tray; 66 pcs.
6ES7195-0BF22-0XA0 Tray box; 660 pcs.
6ES7195-0BF32-0XA0 7 tray box; 4620 pcs.

You can find additional information on DPC31-C1 here: 32425078

List of article numbers for SPC3:

Article numberDesignation 
 Evaluation pack; 6 pcs.
6ES7195-0BD14-0XA0 Single tray; 96 pcs. 
6ES7195-0BD24-0XA0Tray box; 960 pcs. 
6ES7195-0BD34-0XA0 5 tray box; 4800 pcs. 
6ES7195-0BD44-0XA0 .  Tape and reel; 750 pcs.

You can find additional information on SPC3 here:  22019344
Data sheets and system description for  DPC31-C1 and SPC3: https://w3.siemens.com/mcms/topics/en/comdec/downloads/Pages/downloads.aspx?tabcardname=asics

Technical Support
Technical information and support on PROFIBUS ASICs and development packages are provided by our PI Competence Centers.

Germany and Europe
Siemens AG
Communication, Development & Certification (ComDeC)
PO Box 2355
90713 Fürth, Germany
Tel.: +49 (911) 750-2080
Fax: +49 (911) 750-2100
E-mail: comdec@siemens.com
Web: http://www.siemens.de/comdec

PROFI Interface Center (PIC)
One Internet Plazza
PO Box 4991
Johnson City, TN 37602-4991, USA
Tel.: +1 (423) - 262 - 2576
Fax: +1 (423) - 262 - 2103
E-mail: pic.industry@siemens.com
Web: www.profiinterfacecenter.com 

PROFI Interface Center (PIC)
Siemens Ltd., China
Factory Automation Department
7, Wang Jing Zhong Huan Nan Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100102, PR. China
FAX: +86-6476 4725
E-mail: profinet.cn@siemens.com

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