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How do you monitor the output current of the ET 200SP Power Supply in the user program of the CPU?

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The ET 200 SP PS is a primary-clocked power supply for connection to a 1-phase AC power supply.

At the output of the device is an electronically controlled direct voltage that can be set via a potentiometer. The output of the device is potential-free, no-load proof and short-circuit proof.
The ET 200SP PS has a current monitoring terminal to which you can connect an analog input module of the ET 200SP, for example. In this way the output current of the ET 200 SP PS can be captured in a CPU.

Fig. 1 and Table 1 show the hardware configuration.

Fig. 1

No.ComponentArticle number 
1.ET 200SP PS 5A6EP7133-6AB00-0BN0
2.IM 155-6 PN HF 6ES7155-6AU00
3.AI 4xU/I 2-WIRE ST6ES7134-6HD00-0BA1
4.CPU 1212C DC/DC/DC6ES7212-1AE40-0XB0 

Table 1

The following documentation describes how to capture the output current of the ET 200SP PS in a CPU.

  109758948_ET200SP_PS_Monitoring_OutputCurrent_en.pdf (1,2 MB)

The download includes the project "BID_example.zip".
Unpack the "BID_example_S7-Project.zip" file in a separate directory. Then you can use STEP 7 to open and edit the project.

 Registration required  109758948_ET200SP_Monitor.zip (17.2 MB)

Further Information
Detailed information about the ET 200SP PS and the ET 200SP is available in the following manuals:

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