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Getting started with S7-PLCSIM Advanced and simulation tables

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With the help of SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced virtual controllers for the simulation of a S7-1500 or ET 200SP CPU are created and used for the comprehensive simulation of functions. This means that no real controllers are required to test a STEP 7 program.

The virtual controllers can also be tested and validated in the context of a system or machine. The application programming interface (API) allows manipulation of the simulated process image and is used to connect the virtual controller to a virtual model of a machine or plant or to specially rogrammed high-level language applications.

This makes it possible to connect the virtual controller to simulation software such as SIMIT or NX Mechatronics Concept Designer for extensive validation of the STEP 7 program.

The following application example should make the first steps in the general handling of S7-PLCSIM Advanced easier for you. In addition, this application example offers the "SimTableApplication" application with which youcan conveniently and independently monitor and control PLC variables on the
virtual controller via a simulation table.

Advantages of the Application Example

  • Quick introduction to the use of S7-PLCSIM Advanced
  • Possibility of testing user programs with TIA Portal and S7-PLCSIM Advanced
  • Bequemes Testen von Anwenderprogrammen mit Hilfe von Simulationstabellen und PLCSIM Advanced


  • This application example complements the S7-PLCSIM Advanced manual. Detailed information can be found in the corresponding manual.
  • This application example requires basic knowledge of TIA Portal projectplanning.

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