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Online Software Delivery (OSD)

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The Internet platform Online Software Delivery (OSD) offers you the possibility to quickly and securely download automation software or manage your contracts.

Regardless of time and place, you can use the (OSD) platform to quickly and easily retrieve your ordered software (including service packs), associated certificates and license keys from the Internet at any time. The administration of your software update service (SUS) contracts is possible here without any problems, e.g. conversion of the delivery form to.

Advantages of OSD

  • At the push of a button access to the installer of the software package!
  • Faster than any delivery method, i.e. get started immediately after purchasing the software!
  • As safe as the classic delivery of software - reliable as usual, but considerably faster!
  • More ecofriendly, because there is no additional burden from waste, delivery routes and distribution logistics!

And this is how it works

  • Order the download of the software, the software update service and the corresponding licenses via the Industry Mall or your sales partner.
  • Select the article number of the download version of your desired product. Please note the corresponding marking.
  • You will then receive your access data by e-mail to download the license, certificate and software.

FAQs for Online Software Delivery (OSD)

How do you download a software product from the Online Software Delivery (OSD)?
What are the system requirements for Online Software Delivery (OSD)?
How do you log in to OSD after you have received a download-ready e-mail?
How do you reset a personal password in OSD if you have forgotten it, for example?
How do you unlock a delivery note for downloading?
How do you change the SUS contract data in OSD (Online Software Delivery)?
What action is required if the software or software license delivery (download) was made to the wrong consignee?

FAQs for Software Update Service (SUS) Manager

How do you request a delivery form change for your Software Update Service (SUS) contract via the SUS Manager?

Create a Support Request

mySupport: Create a Service Request
How do you restore defective license keys and authorizations?


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